Czech republic

I wanted to backup my Smartboy cart (for the first time actually) and the sav file is not working. I'm not familiar with this kind of stuff but I tried opening it first in notepad and the in some hex editor and the file is obviously corrupted (compared to working sav). I'd try to download the .sav again but it seems it is erased from the cart (actually the programmer seems to be kind of funky generally).
So what I'm left is not working .sav file (supposedly) with loads of my work which has not been backed up before.
I couldn't find any info on this topic and since I don't have any experience with this I'd like to ask you guys if there is any chance to save my songs or if I should just give up.

If anyone would like to take a peak at the file:

I always thought this would never heappen to me sad

Thank you guys for any kind of help!

edit: yes, it is LSDJ .sav

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