The P-N-Dubz

Haha, kind of an odd thread name but I could really use the criticism. This is my first song in LSDJ and I'd love to hear what you guys think!


I listen to this a little while ago. I really like it, impressive for a first on LSDJ smile

Philly, PA, USA

A few tips, never ask "am i doing this right?" that will only lead to failure.
Two, there is no cheating, chipmusic is an aesthetic, not a set of rules.
Three, make things until you like them, if you're worrying about what other people think when you're starting out you won't go anywhere with a style that you genuinely like.

As for CC, it sounds pretty good, but you can kind of tell it used to be a song for a band, I'm guessing there were vocals for the band's rendition?
Start playing around a bit more with unusual sounds, rather than just the "I MADE THIS ON A GAMEBOY AND YOU CAN TELL" feel.

Also, people around here tend not to take kindly to "MY FIRST LSDJ" songs, It's fine to post it, but generally people don't like seeing a thread for each person's first song.

The P-N-Dubz

Alright, thanks man. There weren't vocals but yeah there is a band feel for sure.
I'll work on variation a bit, it does sound a little bit like "Hey this is a Gameboy... that's about it" now that I listen to it again.

Sorry, probably not worth making a whole thread about it...


I like it. Maybe som changes in the tempo/bpm during different parts of the song and some various different drum patterns could spice things up.
Also the "high-pitched-glitchy-squeeky-sounds" in the backround are something that needs to be fixed.

Other than that, great song man! Keep up the good work!