Keystone Kapers
Pitfall 1 & 2
River Raid
Yar's Revenge
Space Invaders
are all solid choices.

Do not get E.T.

I think someone said Joust but I'll repeat it because it doesn't get enough attention. Moon Patrol was okay. Frogger was good.

Find Solaris if you can. It defined the limits of what a 2600 can do.

this are some of the game i have and i like big_smile

Frogs and Flies
Fishing Derby
StarWars: The Empire Strikes Back
Crystal Castles
Hey! Stop!
Congo Bongo
and many others, but i just remember those

My favorites:

Keystone Kapers
River Raid

Totally fantastic games, I can play those 3 for hours on end.

Nobody said Megamania????
And Yars Revenge, of course, I must say again. Best game.

Man Megamania is so bad xD

I like to play megamania instead of space invaders and I think it's better! cool