can anyone help me out with formating disks for the atari ste : the progarms i need are musicmon 2.5e or latest version and maxymiser 1.9, ive downloaded the files but im at a loss how to get them to disk, (i havent owned an st since 1993), im trying to keep this affordable, i just bought an 1040 ste from england and its going to cost me a gold bit to ship it to the usa, are there any solutions that are desperate............everyone check out Stray technologies YM synth kit....fantastic...DK

Do you have a floppy drive on your computer? Then you can format the disk on the atari and it should jsut "work" on the pc.

If you don't have a floppy drive, buy a USB one, they're super cheap.

You'll have to format the floppies in a dos window with the following command to format the disks as 720k instead of 1.44mb: "FORMAT A: /T:80 /N:9"

After that it's just a matter of dragging and dropping the files onto the disk.

I'm not sure if you're asking if there's any cheaper way to ship because of the long run-on sentence but I'll answer that anyway: there is no cheap way to ship an ST from the UK. I checked shipping a few times and it always came out to be $70-$90 USD.

For your future reference, Googling and dividing your thoughts into multiple sentences can't hurt.

no i dont have a floppy drive,  in relation to a usb running STeem on my 5yr old asus laptop, would it make it easier to use that in conjunction with the usb floppy to make it easier...........hell id be happy to pay to have it done. i work in the oilfield so my studio time is limited to say the least, i try to use the little bit of time i have for writing and recording. im from the uk so i know about the shipping, my cousins are shipping my 1040 ste for me, but yes its not cheap..........please feel to give me more feedback....cheers.DK

Just find anyone with a floppy drive or get a USB floppy (Internet cafe might have some older computers with floppies, who knows). I'm not sure if STeem works with floppy drives as I've never used it but it would be good to research if you have any saved tracks you want to put on the floppies with musicmon and maxymiser.

If you just want the programs, just format the disk then copy files and you don't need to touch the emulator at all. That's really all it takes to get the programs onto a disk.

USB floppy emulator...

what you can do also, is to temporarly remove the floppy drive from the ST and install it in your PC (if you have a desktop PC of course) to copy your files. then put it back int the ST.

thanx for all the feed back, i am curious though if any one is using the floppy disk emulator, stated apears to be a great long term solution to my problems...have any of you used one to run maxymiser or musicmon for your ataris.....cheers DK

herr_prof wrote:

Do you have a floppy drive on your computer? Then you can format the disk on the atari and it should jsut "work" on the pc.

this only works if you have an STe or better!   huge fan of your work, first off...but no my computer does'nt have a floppy drive, im using a five year old SINGLE 1.8GHZ custom built asus laptop (FROM when they actually made great computers, brushed allunimun, carbon fiber, no bullsh!T). I should have my atari ste in about 3 weeks, im really just trying to square all this away before hand as i work quite a bit.                                                                                                                                        Gwem i do have a question for you, Ive been using Wil's from Stray tech. YM synth kit,
I have a feeling your probably familiar, Ive ask Wil about further development, effects and such and he said he didnt want to step on your toes, Wil's a great guy. i was wondering if you might take a further look at his work with the ym.kit. may a maxymiser java tracker....:), just putting it out there in the collective void. Ive try to contact the STEem team about writing a midi drive for it but to no avail, This little YM.synth is wonderful, i havent used my sidstation in a month...its whats brought me to STEem and your Maxymiser. (i used to rock a 520 st,'s and some su-10 samplers...1990's what do you do). all im saying is that this amazing little synth warrants a second and third look and can offer so much to anyones music, but more importantly to those that simply cant afford to hunt down vintage atari's.....( my winning combo...Renoise...Stray technologies.YM

i recommend getting a USB floppy drive for the PC, and then format the disks on the STe. this is my setup and works well for me.

i have seen the YM synth kit, but i'm not too familiar with it. Wil surely doesn't need to worry about stepping on my toes if he wants to develop it further smile