Milan, Italy

some time ago we have organized here in milan a super awesome jam session with me, tonylight, irrlicht project (from berlin), kenobit and mr.sauli.

I've recorded all the night and you can download it from HERE.

arottenbit - CellDS Set (21 minutes)
Kenobit - lsdj Set (not recorded)
mr.sauli - lsdj Set (22 minutes)
arottenbit (+Irrlicht Project on MouthHarp) - CellDS Set (34 minutes)
Kenobit - GlitchDS Set (not recorded)
Tonylight (+arottenbit on kaosspad)- LepLoop Set (46 minutes)
Tonylight (+arottenbit on kaosspad)- Nanoloop Set (31 minutes)

a shitload of mindblowing music!
go and download it!  big_smile

here even some pics.  smile




Irrlicht Project


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New York City

Are you from Milan? I didn't meet you when I played there with Tony and Pablito. Then again, there were like 10 people tongue

Milan, Italy

eheh... I entered the "MicroMilano collective" in november 2008.
Since then i played almost every chiptune event in Milan.. probably you've just come in italy before. smile

New York City

I did, as a matter of fact, it was in June!
What place are your regularly having parties nowadays?

Milan, Italy

as "micromilano collective" we usually make two "only 8bit" parties every month.

One in this place where we get drunk/stoned and play this shitty unlistenable noise/ambient stuff. big_smile
One in some other random place making the usuals happy 8bit parties!

then i usually perform at Deathmetal gigs playing my nintendocore set..
..and in some discos playing my electro-house one. smile