Finally got a few mins to write this - hope you all find it helpful!

Quick guide to making Master System tracks with Impulse Tracker:

Get Python 2:

Grab IT2VGM -> …
Grab SMSPackGen -> …

These tools are made by Greasemonkey and were spotted by member thematrixeatsyou - props to GM
for creating such a nice set of tools and thematrixeatsyou for sharing the information!

Feature Breakdown:
SMS PSG Chans =

1 - Square
2 - Square
3 - Square
4 - White Noise

Channel 4 notes need to be A-4 A-5 or A-6 to trigger non-linked noise other notes
will link to Channel 3 (sq)

You cannot use this tool with OpenModplug or ModplugTracker - you need to use the original
Impulse Tracker or SchismTracker;

The converter supports pretty much every Impulse Tracker command... Including GXX and JXX \o/

How to use:
1) Rename your python files and respectively (remove the .txt)
2) Put python in your global path
3) To create a sample pack tune to work with type:
4) Grab Impulse tracker or SchismTracker to work with this file
5) To convert your tune type:
python nameofvgm.vgm
6) Check your VGM in your favourite player
7) Goto 4 if needed :)

To play on a real SMS:

1) Make yourself an EPROM cart (very easy - just find an afterburner or similar cart
and pull the code rom out and stick a socket in its place)
2) Burn Maxim's nice VGM player rom (
and your VGM onto an eprom and go :)

Hope that helps peeps get a handle on making some Sega Master System tunes \o_ have fun
- Ne7


Here's a link to download a Schism tracker binary for mac os x:

Thanks ne7, this is great as it provides a way to make sms tunes on the mac! sweet cool

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Neat! I can finally make SMS tunes in a tracker I'm familiar with!