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  • If you are selling or looking for several items at the same time, please post everything in one thread.

  • Title your threads accordingly with such tags as WTB, FS, For Sale, For trade, Wanted, etc.
    You can update your thread by editing the first post, and changing the title.

  • Feel free to bump your threads when you have made an update i.e. added item, dropped price, free shipping, however no bumping of sales threads just to move it to the top of the forum.  When trading discussion becomes longer than just a few messages, we suggest you take your conversation to Private Messages or email.

  • Indicate prices on items you are selling.  If you are trying to auction it off put it on ebay and put a link to the sale here.

  • Please make sure your location is up to date on your profile, or posted within your trading thread.

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