London & Salisbury UK


I'm in the UK...

There is no way I could afford this all at once, and doubt you lot have it all available at once, but here is my list, if you could email me with a pic, either of what I'm after or something similar (Especially funky stuff) and state a rough price then it'd be ace. Thought I'd advertise internally before I go hunting.

An apple PC, something like an EMac, compact and all in one, though a mini mac would do, space is quite the issue here. Although if one of these doesn't surface then I'll be looking to build my own unit. So i guess your 2nd hand but not too old Graphics cards (Something capable of running windows 7 if it comes to it)

C64 With attatchable Keyboard etc

Currently looking at getting a akai apc40 but in general a 4 channel usb compatible mixer, nothing above a 16 as i'd have no use for it

Compressor unit

Rarish Gameboys,
Ice Blue Pocket
Extreme Green Pocket

Stereo 1/8 Audio jacks Female (lots)

DMG/Pocket cases

Probably more but thats it for now

It'd be pretty much cash as i don't have much you guys would be interested in, although in the next couple of months i shall be trying my hand out at doing some desert camo gameboys, besides that. Haha, if you wanted I could trade you some military kit, but theres nothing really interesting, jackets etc... might look funky when you're on stage (if you're into that stuff)

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