Posted this over at 8bc, but I figured I'd post it here too.

(Idea nabbed from Kitsch-bent)

I'm currently offering free promotion via pamphlets, stickers, cds, etc... Anything I can slip into a package without increasing it's weight or size too much. Preferably only things chip/8-bit related.  If you could make something for the store- even better. i.e. like my promotional apeshit keychain giveaway from NB's closet.

I'm also willing to sell your products/CDs/shirts through the store as well at no cost.
It is much appreciated if you can mail packing material with the items you ship, or even have them individually pre-packaged. Again, preferably 8-bit or chip related products.

Get in contact with me through the 'contact' form at You can email me or reply in this thread as well, but emails from the contact form are in highest priority.