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Hey, here is the software in action in case anyone is interested :-)

I came at 3m45s.

Oh just you wait... there is more ;-)

https://8bc.org/items/music/cTrix-Atari … leRock.mp3

That tune is so great.  I really dig the idea of this simple 2 channel house kind of thrashy stuff.  I'm new to Modplug, but if I can manage to put some together I might invest in a Harmony later in the summer.  Stellar work!


Saw the video for this on GBA cTrix, you rule in so many ways! It was about time someone got stuck into this because the Atari2600 sounds so great. I love what you've been writing with it too!

Sorry, couldn't resist...


i just got an Atari 2600 from a garage sale for $0.50!!! but the switches look diff to the one on your vid ctrix? either way, i know what my first project is when i get back form blip big_smile

deff gonna get crakkin on some of this!

watching this project like a hawk!

sounds like u got a new bad ass song there..
i fucking love the atari 2600... sounds so gritty and beautiful.
Nicely done cTrix!

here are some of my atari acid beats.

I'll be uploading a version of this when I'm back.  Did a workshop at blip for it so a few people have it already.  Still a few minor silly bugs that need fixing.  I think the optimiser is going to be the most important part.

ps. low-gain - that's nuts buddy!!!  Wish I could have come hung out but it was too much travelling around in the end!

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Yes, I do plan on doing a public release of this in the next month or so with a tutorial.  Just lettin' it in the wild with a few testers first.  Anyone else who wants it before this time will just have to find someone with a cTrix usb stick ;-)

I was wondering if there was any advancements on this? I can't wait to play around with this.

xandox wrote:

I was wondering if there was any advancements on this? I can't wait to play around with this.

Well it works enough for me to make tunes (hence the gAtari) - but not without manual optimisation of the tunes so that they fit on the cart.  In fact I don't even use the included sequencer because it's just not efficient.  I'm working with another dude on something similar for the lynx and learning quite a bit more about writing programs that optimise code.

I guess I could release it as is - but I wanted it to be a tool that made quality optimised output rather than save the same code multiple times into precious memory - which is what it does at the moment instead of using look up tables to optimise the 2.8k of memory you get for the tune.  I might look at it in the next couple of weeks.  There is just quite a few things going on at the moment and it's tricky to find the time!!

http://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=p … &p=101

and this?

The Synthcart?  Well it has some preset beats and some notes you can play in realtime from a controller.  Fine for sampling notes or a fun little jam off - but it's not a sequencer.  I've got one and it's cool to show off the Atari with some awesome preset stuff.  That's about it.  And it has an arp and a few things - it's quite fun as a live toy actually.  Although no way of syncing it to anything else.

The tool I've made actually calls heavily on Paul's play routines (who also made the Synthcart) and I was talking to him yesterday making sure it was ok for me to release this tool with associated files attached.  So I'll have it done soon.  Just need to find a few days to finish it off, run it by Paul, and link it up here  :-)

ps. This is only PC software btw.  Mac support via vBox or Paralleles or similar.

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