Milwaukee, WI

JUST ANNOUNCED! Join us after the Bay View Bash for one of our most intense shows yet!  Poor Boy Rich from the legendary Drop Bass Network! CCDM vs Stagediver in an Amiga battle to the death! Albydamned, Trees Fall + Demix! Live streaming brought to you by

Fakebook link -

More info very, very soon!

*MELT #11 presented by 91.7 WMSE and Radiograffiti *
*SATURDAY, September 17th, 9pm, $6*
*Club Garibaldi's, 2501 S. Superior St., MKE, WI*
*After The Bay View Bash!!! *
Listen to the show LIVE at

THANKS to EVERYONE that came out to *MELT* last week!!  It was a trip.  Our
next event is coming up very soon - a special SATURDAY NIGHT show September
17th, which will take place after the Bay View Bash.

We are thrilled to welcome *Drop Bass Network's* *POOR BOY RICH*.  *PBR* has
been making electronic music since 1988 and has performed all over the world
with some of the top electronic artists of our time.  For the uninformed, *Drop
Bass Network* is a legendary record label and event promoter from Milwaukee,
their contribution to the harder and darker sounds of electronic music have
certainly influenced us and still resonate today with artists and fans in
the midwest and beyond.

We also bring you a special treat as our own *STAGEDIVER* takes on *
Radiograffiti* label mate *CCDM* in a battle for Amiga supremacy.  What's an
Amiga?  The Amiga is personal computer that was sold by Commodore in the
1980s.  Its sound is uniquely lo-fi, harsh and heavy - and it's function, or
lack of, can be frustratingly inspiring.  Plus dj sets from *ALBYDAMNED* & *THE
DEMIX*, and an audio/visual treat from *TREES FALL*.

** | POOR BOY RICH • Comunique', Drop Bass Network | **
Richard pushes the known boundaries of electronic music. Captivating you
with profound and conceptual sets textured with Acid, House, Minimal,
Progressive, Retro and Techno leaving listeners with a unique and thought
provoking audio journey.  Poor Boy Rich first entered the electronic music
scene in 1988. As word of his skills spread so did he with bookings through
out Austria, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Belgium, England, France, Germany,
Italy, Switzerland, Wales and all over the U.S. swiftly followed suit.
Whether it is a Live Performance or Djing, PBR has found himself opening
and sharing the stage along side the likes of Plastikman/Richie Hawtin, Adam
X, Benny Bassani, Jeff Mills, Derrick May, Derrick Carter, Frankie Bones,
Robert Armani and a whole slew of heavy hitters.

Transplanted to the Northwoods of Wisconsin, only to return to his native
Chicago, CCDM (Christopher Persson) creates an Experimental Breakcore world
with a landscape illuminated by Intelligent Dance Music.  Stagediver creates
by dismantling, using no more than an obsolete $6 computer from a one-armed
pawn shop owner, an archaic sequencing program and 100 years of music
history to pull from. He’ll take any genre and rebuild it as his own. The
result is on the spectrum between a lo-fi deconstruction and a how-to in
breaking speed-barriers via programming.

** | ALBYDAMNED | special dj set | 
Heavy bass and hard beats; member of We Are Your Father

** | TREES FALL | audio + visual show
 | **
Jason Nanna of Speakerdust and Sean Behling, aka: Seakn, member of Antler

** | THE DEMIX | **
Cinematic sonic experience smearing genres all over the place


*THANK YOU to our friends and support systems:*

91.7 WMSE
Delphian INC

*Follow us, friend us, stalk us.*


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pssh, closed?, im just gonna move this where it belongs and give it a real title, oddly it helps to let people know what they should expect in a thread smile

Milwaukee, WI

You can bet I'll be hopping onto that stream! smile

Milwaukee, WI

Updated with new image/link.

Get your breakfast beers at the "Bay View Bash" annual neighborhood festival starting early. Party hard all day. End your night at a fucking Amiga battle. WHERE ELSE CAN YOU DO THIS?!

Anyone 21+ in the Midwest should be attending.

Poor Boy Rich - ACID … nd-driving

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New York City

God damn it, this is ridiculous! I want to attend sad

Milwaukee, WI

More info added!


oh, for the record, ill probably roll up to hang out, support ccdm & ty


> $6 computer from a one-armed pawn shop owner

I don't think that'd be his 2nd Amiga somehow...!  Maybe the one that kinda died at Blip ;-)

Milwaukee, WI

Ha! Yeah, I'm pretty sure that line was pulled from the bio. It should say A600.


Milwaukee, WI

Just confirmed, Kkrusty will be the Amiga battle MC! I hope you like yelling!

Chicago IL

well i'm glad i won't be the one that needs to tell him to shut the fuck up for once

Milwaukee, WI

Preview #2 has been posted:

Also, we will be conducting voting online in real time too! You may not be cool enough to be there but it doesn't mean you can't participate!


drop bass network!!

hardcore, Australia

This will probably be while i am at work. i hope someone records it for me.

Milwaukee, WI

Preview #3 has been posted:

Not only is there an all day neighborhood festival a block away, but there is now a second festival with a Siberian thrash metal band happening a few blocks further.