I'm looking for suggestions of really good electro on the Atari. Diamond is simply an example for what I consider really good electro done with vg hardware.

I already know about Stu, but not everything he's done... maybe I've missed something?

I like Crazy Q also.

Help me discover more Atari electro.


ps: if it's not made with an Atari specifically but it's really good, please let me know too smile
I just want to hear more Atari stuff.

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Ultrasyd has some good electro house stuff. … 8-ultrasyd

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this thread might have some links.

Jellica wrote:

Ultrasyd has some good electro house stuff. … 8-ultrasyd

yes ultrasyd is good! thanks for the suggestion, but I already know about him wink


So far, I've ended up downloading The Mighty Pirate Sessions Volume 1 & 2 by Dubmood, not what I was looking for specifically but still good so thanks! d(n_n)b

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You don't specify what Atari type so I will throw this here... there's some awesome POKEY-tech-house going on if you look at the ASMA archive, but I don't know that scene well enough to recommend you any specific artist, sorry.

Then again, the Atari ST's PSG is the same as that of the Spectrums that have it, and there's some crazy dance-oriented music in the spectrum scene that you should check out! I haven't heard anythng particularly electroish coming from the MSX or Amstrad though.

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Damn i need to get my 800xl's electro madness right up!

akira, can you shed some light on some electro for pokey?