First of all, this is my first mod. I've also never soldered anything before this, so stay with me...
I've been trying to follow two different guides posted here to mod my NES in order to separate the square 1&2 from the Triangle, Noise, and DPCM into two different RCAs, and playback expansion audio via PowerPak to a third RCA. I know you've seen this a million times! Sorry, haha.

These are the guides, respectively:
Expansion Audio w/ switch: … r_embedded
"Stereo" mod:

The "stereo" mod is simple enough, but I'm having some trouble with this whole SWITCH thing...

Instead of mounting the resistor to the computer board, which he does in the first tutorial, I've just soldered it to the ON position of my toggle switch. I then ran a wire from the OFF position to Pin 9 as in the tut. Would this theoretically work? Do I have the solders backwards?

When running a wire from pin 3 of the same pin set to an RCA, does it matter if I use a 1uF or 100uF before hitting the RCA? I can't for the life of me find anything under 100 microfarads locally... is there a downside to upping the uF to 100 in this case?

I don't have my PowerPak yet, so I can't really test it myself. I've heard that the expansion audio generates a hefty buzz when it's not in use, so the switch seemed like a good idea (unless the higher capacitors rid of this?).

Thanks for the help! First mods are always kind of scary/fun, I guess? haha.

EDIT: Put this in the wrong Nintendo section. My bad! (mods?)

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