From the creator of the hit chiptune album BLUENOISE, comes the exciting all-caps sequel, BLUESCREEN! This time around things get more varied with a touch less wah synth, a little more crazy hi-hat jamming and 100% more live sax on 1/10th of the tracks! Statistics! You know it’s going to be good.

1. BSOD'd. (2:18)
2. BLUENOISE! (2:09)
3. There's Always Next Week. (2:26)
4. Nostalgia Breaks Hearts... (2:40)
5. [INTERMISSION] Over-Priced Ice Cream (1:25)
6. Analogue Dream Girl. (3:15)
7. JPEG_Jive. (2:36)
8. Grayscale. (2:04)
9. [BONUS] JPEG_Jive CHIPMIX. (1:41)
10. [BONUS] This Broken Heart Has Too Many Pieces. [halc9bit REMIX] (3:33)

All tracks (except track 10) written, performed and produced by PROTODOME (Blake Troise)

Track 10 remixed, arranged and produced by halc9bit / halc (Drew Wheeler)

Artwork by PROTODOME (Blake Troise)

Free download from Ubiktune: … bluescreen

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