MIDI Pattern Editor - MIDI Tracker for ATARI 800 by Raster (R.I.P)...

You will need ultra low priced SIO2MIDI cable and Atari 800 and MIDI device...
(i will post link soon)

Here is tracker>



PS: I will make ENGLISH manual with cable schematic (scheme) as PDF document after XMAS...
Stay tuned.

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OMG. How I missed this?

I've seen similar atari midi stuff, but the pcb was very tricky and the software was really obscure.

would this work on a 800xl too?

herr_prof wrote:

would this work on a 800xl too?

my question too.

Yes yes it will works on XL too. 800XL and 800XE is like Gameboy and Gameboy Pocket... So 99% programs will works...

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OK I am translating MIDI documentation into english now...

Schematics and software>
http://www.abbuc.de/~hardwaredoc/projek … index.html
http://atarionline.pl/v01/index.php?sta … ct=nowinki

also this is flaoting around: