Finding chiptune groups, artists and 8bit djs (especially amateurs;)) here in London is like finding really rare mushrooms in the big forest or what? I have been reseraching the scene for a while, found many artists but it feels like there are loads of "hidden" talents\amateurs\fans\whoever would like to join but don't know how to start or continue.. You can see here: http://soundcloud.com/oliolab

So there will be an opportunity as I'm seriously looking for anyone who would like to share their chiptune music collection\tunes on the party we are planning to do in  the very near future.
..you know just for fun! No budget...but we need to start somehow to maintain the scene which seems to be not active at the moment.

SO you are very welcome to add sugestions\ideas for whatever you feel will be interesting to do (starting from the name of the event, artists links, venue suggestions and finishing with decorations, other 8bit\media\hardware punk related fun stuff, collaborating etc). You know i'm new to the scene and need help and knowledge of local people.

join and share links either here or on my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/ArtKitche … 7481252298
or email: [email protected]

Hope to hear from YOU soon!

power to micromusic,

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Sounds like a blast! Unfortunately, I can't help out very much being over here in the States, but feel free to use any of this music in your DJ sets if you see fit....

http://www.archive.org/details/SUB002_S … trial_H_21

http://www.archive.org/details/Sub008Su … errestrial

Wooo, thanks thanks!

Anyone else on the above question please?


hello there! smile chat soon!;)

im from Milton Keynes

Cool! 1 hr by train ^_^ may i get some more information about your 8bit adventures: background, influences, etc? btw i'm doing chiptune podcast soon on one online radio here in london, so can play some of your stuff. Listening now, likey! ^_^

I'm in london! I can share the shitty music that i so earnestly and insistently churn out!

Some 8bit events in london would be awesome. I'm interested.

hi! so intersted in playing? btw if you have fb add me pls---?> Olya Levistova

I'm also new to london so would love the opportunity to play some of my stuff.

Guys, should be really quick now. The date is 6.03!
Will be more than happy if you'd send me your confirmation that you agree to dj or perform live, but not promising anything (by now;)) as its kinda test event, my first club nite here... so we would start promoting very soon...
(and there are whole lods of ideas how to go further;) so also will prob need some event crew volunteers)

[email protected]


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Join! http://www.facebook.com/groups/222225724536435/

Hola! the event is confirmed for the 9.03! Buzzzzzzz sooon.....stay tuned!

idk... London... that's like 8 hours, by plane, from where I live... (Seattle/Tacoma FTW)... my suggestion is to find your nearest arcade or coffee shop... most wild chiptunists can be seen in hipster hangouts or other such venues... just watch online for other shows in London because the more you go to means the more people you will meet...