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Im discovering that PAL games wont work on NTSC amigas...Where do I find NTSC ROMS?

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Are you talking about kickstart roms or disk images?
Have you tried any WHDLoad preinstalls? (

Read this thread: … 19854ded1b
And this: … -NTSC.html

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disk images. smile

I cant figure out how to get whd stuff to work tongue

AAH Thanx, just hold down both mouse buttons on your a1200 and you can select pal or ntsc on boot!

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will pal roms play on a 64? Im just found out my copy of skate or die does not sound like the one I have been drooling over for years... it must be a pal version?

By the way, best song ever (in the slower pal? version)



please correct me if there is a different reason why its different

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"Many cracked versions of this game played this tune at the incorrect speed. This SID has been verified both by Rob Hubbard and against the original to be the correct speed of the tune." (from the HVSC STIL info file)

Perhaps that might be the reason. Difference in speed for PAL and NTSC does not sound unfamiliar though.

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<pedantic OCD>
ROMs are pieces of silicon chip.
Amigas don't have ROM games, they are DISK IMAGES.
</pedantic OCD>

As I said many times before, there's hardly any software that will run in an NTSC machine. NTSC is poop tongue
Same applies for C64, most stuff won't work. There are NTSC fixes but of some games. Not on the Amiga, the resolutions are different. But some games work.
Get a real machine big_smile If you have an A1200 there's n reason not to run anything since they run in both PAL and NTSC (you will just need a proper display). If you have an A500 upgrade it with a FAT Agnus or throw it to the garbage. If you have a C64 throw it to the garbage, get an european one (and proper display equipment).

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