I quickly made this chrome app that simply launches cm.o

Feel free to download it and install it

I find it better than a favicon in the bookmark bar. Open a new tab, click and go.


1. Make sure chrome is in developer mode (you can switch it out of developer mode after installing the app)
  - btw, to get into dev mode open the extensions window and tick the box (at least, that's how it's done on Mac)

2. Download

3. Unarchive it. A wild folder appears!

2. Back to Chrome's extensions window. Since Chrome should now be in dev mode, you should see a button labeled "Load unpacked extension". Click it.

3. Select the folder

4. That's it. Open a new tab and notice the new icon.

If anyone has any wishes/ideas/goals for a real cm.o chrome app, pm me


That's nice and all, but what's the point? Cm.o is already in the most visited screen. Why would anyone need an "app" that's nothing more than a bookmark?


I like having a bookmark on the app page because: it's a bigger icon, and hypothetically this same method could be used to make app bookmarks for my favorite sites, therefore all my uses for chrome (apps and sites) could be organized in one place.

Also, I would like to do more with the "app" in the future. This is just an introduction. Of course, it may also amount to nothing.

If you don't like it/don't get it, that's ok!


I just think the new "app" trend is a bit silly. It's often just a buzzword used to make stuff sound more interesting. In my opinion, the legitimate use of the word is for things that require privileges that a regular web page can't provide. Say, permanent local data storage, ability to be used offline, ability to intercept communications or interact with arbitrary web pages. For example, AdBlock, Flashblock and such must necessarily be "apps" because they modify pages you visit. YouTube and, not so much.

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nitro2k01 wrote:

I just think the new "app" trend is a bit silly. It's often just a buzzword used to make stuff sound more interesting.

I have to agree, Chrome is silly with this shit, making bookmarks and calling them apps... But it makes sense in their business model and Chromebooks.

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Battle Lava wrote:

If you don't like it/don't get it, that's ok!


quite a nice thing for you to do!  don't use Chrome myself, but i'm sure others would appreciate it.  at least on android tablets (me reference i guess), i'd much prefer everything accessible from the same location (things i used a lot at least).   i'll put these on there if possible, would save a couple button presses and navigation to get where i want to go.

it'd be very nice to expand on the app though in the future, take advantage of the potential of it being an app in a full way, rather than just as a shortcut.  maybe add a menu to the app for quick site navigation, easy access to the music in playlist format, or whatever.  a way to make a mix in the app of selected songs from the music section, that would bleed into one another, and playback through your device.  to make quick easy mini mixes from cm.o tracks.  or whatever, there is a lot of stuf to do.

i don't see it as a bad impulse at all.  very skimpy now and a waste of what an app *can* be, true, but still it saves me....  3 or 4 screen presses, at least.  thanks!  if it'll run on my tablet...

edit -- made a lot of grammer mistakes, migraine, don't feel like changing

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way to make an app alex, even though its uses for now are few.  if you ask me, i'd avoid putting in any functionality that isn't already part of the site first.  but some ideas come to mind (not sure if they'll work though):

- Desktop notifications for new songs, posts or threads, kind of like Gmail can enable desktop notifications for new emails
- easy-to-access "new post" button
- a vertically-scrolling sidebar music player
- a persistent, periodically updated "Who's Online" list
- buttons for IMAGE MACROZ jk jk
- drag file to screen for upload
- ability to access IRC #chipmusic from chrome

who knows, maybe trash80 might decide to make those features part of the main site if they're executed well enough.

would you want to be responsible for ongoing maintenance of the app though?  do you have plans to open-source it? whateve, i'm just spewing random brain noise at this point.


I like the idea of desktop notifications for new songs