astral cat

alright benders, show off your great work!

some of my stuff that i already have up on the internet in places smile

my bent Yamaha PSS-6 smile
4x glitch switches
1x glitch push button
1x distortion switch
1x feedback knob with on/off switch
and a nice audio out with a switch for the speaker

dicteé magique (WIP)
3x glitch switches
1x tone switch
1x pitch knob
2x hold
1x distortion


i wuv teh art thom!

Milwaukee, WI

I had a bent speak and spell... which broke, an awesome effector made out of a voice changing microphone and it had a slider for pitch and was cool... that broke, and all sorts of other miscellaneous bends which all pretty much broke.  I have been working on a Merlin handheld bend and I'm pretty syked because it is comprised of SMT components and the bending seems to be going well.  I'll post pictures when its finished.

Melbtown, Lolstralia

3 years old now and neither really work as well as they once did (poor workmanship fail) would like to do some more one day soon


Cool ass bents dot.ay !

astral cat

Nice one dot.ay big_smile


I have a draw full of keyboards in pieces which have yet to be finished...
il take a picture soon


The only two I kept:

the guts of this from 1979 turned into a 2xtone drone generator with 2xtone pots, tone 1 push button and tone two on/of.

and this little one has 2 push buttons (start stop) and a contact and makes nice 'small' static noise.

Sydney, Australia

I've bent a bunch of stuff but the only thing I've really bothered to record is my Yamaha DD-50. It now has 8 glitch switches and 3 pots which trigger distortion, fade in pretty pad sounds and cause random bleeping. I HIGHLY recommend the DD series as they have big sexy circuit boards with heaps of good bends on pretty much all the IC's (one of which is a YM chip of some sort).

Here are some recordings from the first bending session I had with it ages ago:
and here are some jams with my chipnoise act, starring the DD-50:

I've also started attempting to write tracks for it with my A1200 using octamed and an amiga midi console, this was my first attempt at this: … 0-midi-jam