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So, I was looking through the internet for the sound tool that was used in a bunch of Game Boy Color games back in 1999/2000/2001,
especially ones by Tiertex, and I actually found the tool.
Conveniently, the composer of various of these games shared the source files of his work online.
I was able to open them in MusyX and "compile" ROMs, but these ROMs are the ones the program call "Slave" ROMs,
they're like how you're able to connect between MIDI inputs and LSDJ, for example, but it sends the MIDI data between MusyX and the
"slave" ROM. However, there is, on a folder, an "example" ROM, which has built-in music... but you're not able to create "example" ROMs,
just "slave" ones... which is unfortunate, since I wanted this to work on an emulator... and the real MusyX Soundtool package might not even exist anymore, so you couldn't do the link between a gameboy and the program... (unless the thing you use to connect MIDI input to LSDJ is the same as MusyX's?)
There's not much information about MusyX Soundtool in the internet, anyways...

(Extra Information: Without MusyX, I was already able to "replace" music in some of these games, by using an hex editor, since the source files also came with a simple compiler that compiled the project into a .pool file, which was exactly the whole hex data for the audio system in the game...)

alright there it is!

B00daW wrote:

lu9:  do the romhacking community a favor and upload your information to romhacking.net

good idea.

there are 2 bass waves for all tiertex games in the gbc. But you can replace them.
@egr, the composer of the soundtrack of these games uploaded the source files of his works, even with the compiler.
using that, I found the hex offset that the music is in.

discovered this on my own.
I even made a documentation:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/lvt9zye0kq02v … n.rtf?dl=1
If anyone would like to contribute with information, if you know more about this,
and/or has experience with musyx's audio tools, you're welcome.


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it won't sound the same... Plus I'll need the wave channel for the bass...


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Bumping here because I still needed the Kick sound (SAMP1) fixed...


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Yeah, that's the one.


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whoops, sorry tongue
Would you mind moving the topic there then? smile


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Oh, if any of you need a better reference of the noise sound, it comes from various of Tiertex's 2000-2001 era Game Boy Color games (i.e. Stuart Little: The Journey Home, Toy Story Racer, etc.)

Also the composer of these games' music (Mark Ortiz) has shared his music compile folder, and if it might help you try to remake the noise drums in LSDj, the Sound Macros for them are included, if any of you understand the MusyX Soundtool, you might check the drum files here:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/b89539zm6m5y6 … s.zip?dl=1


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Hmm.. I did the kick but it doesn't sound like it. It sounds like if I didn't even do the table.
EDIT: Just noticing these samples were recorded from a game on the emulator, and so its sample rate is 44100.


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It's been some days... I'm not begging though, I just needed these noise sounds.


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Well hello there, I'm new, and I've been using LSDJ, and sometimes I upload stuff I make on it at lsdsng swap.
I don't know if this is the correct forum, But I needed help in replicating 5 noise percussion sounds from a game... (1 kick, 2 snares and 2 hats)
Here they are:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/ag5ensp5jp6yb … _drums.wav
I have made a thing similiar to the snares, but I can't replicate the kick.
Can someone try doing it and uploading the .sav/.lsdsng file, or the commands only?
Thanks smile