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Thanks for the comments.

I write all the tracks using beepola, 1tracker and Bintracker plus an .XM convertor for radio in the rain.
Then I load all the .tap files into a real spectrum 48K or 128K +2 using an SD card reader. The tracks are then played back on real hardware and recorded from the mic socket output into audacity on my laptop.

I then EQ the recordings but no filters are applied to remove any crackles to try and preserve the authenticity.

Album download is free on bandcamp, just put zero in the amount. The liner notes and the .tap file to play on real hardware or emulator are also included.


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I released by 1-bit ZX Beeper album

‘ON and OFF’ on 10th Dec 2021

All recorded from real ZX Spectrums as usual.

It’s here:




I've just released a CD of Spectronica if anyone is interested.

It's a lovely quality Digipack with a vinyl-look CD.

Also included in the bandcamp download are all the files to play on real ZX Spectrum hardware or emulators. A lot of them have never been released before in this format and all include graphics plus the beeper engines have been tweaked to include border FX.

Check it out here:


Cow Tongue Taco Records have produced another batch of 20 tapes so grab one quickly if you'd like one.
Half of them have already gone !

https://cowtonguetacorecords.bandcamp.c … pectronica

Spotify streaming here:

https://open.spotify.com/album/0Gh2ttWp … YigIArEOhw

Thanks a lot for your great comments. I'm really pleased you're enjoying the tunes smile

Spectronica was released on Spotify and Amazon Music today if anyone wants to stream it.
Huge thanks to Cow Tongue Taco Records who produced the tapes (which sold really quickly) and organised the streaming services.
I whole-heartedly recommend them to anyone looking for a label to publish their album, they've been fantastic with Spectronica.

ZX Spectrum beeper music on Spotify  big_smile

Spectronica - A 1-bit ZX Beeper album by Tufty is released today by Cow Tongue Taco Records

A 59min 15 track 1-bit lo-fi album recorded from real ZX Spectrum hardware and using multiple sound engines such as Qchan, Zbmod, Pytha, Phaser 1, Phaser 3 and Rombeep.

A limited edition blood red cassette tape release and digital download is now available from Cow Tongue Taco Records here:

Tufty's other music releases can be found here:


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Wow, this is great.
CD ordered after listening to the Eastern infused track 'Dancing On Our Disasters'.
Will be a welcome addition to my physical chiptune collection smile

Wow, now listening to "Berlin Square". Excellent, love it smile

Excellent stuff as always Yerz

My favourite track is Death Squad, particularly like the buzz bass in the second half  smile


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Excellent album, CD ordered smile

Thanks for using one of my tracks, look forward to the cast tonight smile

Great stuff, thanks Yerz smile


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Cheers Yerz smile
Cool new cassette release too.

dualitymicro - I've sent you a PM smile

ZX Spectrum music demo version now available too, coded by Irrlicht Project:

Download it here:



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Hi Guys

My lo-fi album '1-Bit Mechanistic' is now available to buy on CD.
A limited run factory printed disc and card wallet.

I've tried to keep the price pretty low and the postage reduces significantly on multiple disks.
So if you'd like to add a copy of this unique 1-bit CD to your chiptune collection, it's here:



So good I listened to it twice wink

Pale green ghosts - John Grant