Hi mates, two awesome chiptune tracks will be played in the vdren cast volume 209 at 09.09.2016.
The cast starts at 22:03 pm. Here's the playlist:

vdren cast 209 09.09.2016

INTRO: Autechre – Inhake 2
Klapa Berlin – Dobro Jutro
De La Soul – CBGBS
Tobacco – Warlock Mary
Little Scale – Systematic
Tufty – Facinated Down Low
Factory Floor – Dial Me In
Heaven 17 – Gheisa Boys And Temple Girls
Yvette Sheurich – Miami Memories
Cherushii – Thin Line feat. Maria Minerva (David Last Remix)
Mike And Rich – Portamento Gosh
Djrum – Sometimes I Share
Sven Kacirek & Thomas Klein – Hollz
De La Soul – Drawn (feat. Little Dragon)
Dam Funk – Believer (Fingers Deep Funk)

Contest: HARDCORE/ Bluray

http://www.emsvechtewelle.de/der-sender … endung=238

Regards duality micro

Thanks for using one of my tracks, look forward to the cast tonight smile

Hej, still love it wink hope more chiptuners will give me some tracks fro broadcasting. I wana build 1-2 chiptune tracks in my weekly radio cast.