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I liked it! It feels very open and atmospheric, the noise channel work and arpeggios do well for that. Compositionally, it feels a little stagnant. It would've been cool to see those long, drawn out chords repurpose themselves in some way during the 2nd half. All things considered, nice work dude ^_^

Thank you so much for listening through! I realize the song has a bit of potential with the environment, so I'll definitely focus on improving my writing. heart


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Holy shit.


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"Milky Way" by Skybox (back when they were Shoujo Kiss) feat. Azuria Sky
https://soundcloud.com/sky_box/milky-wa … magic-yume


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You can go a long way if you program your instruments to sound more expressive!

• Experiment with strategic pitch slides.
• Incorporate vibrato to make your melody sound like it's being sung by a human
• Program your hi-hats to have varying attacks. Because if you were a real drummer, the hits would naturally be inconsistent.

Just a few suggestions, to get you started. Good luck!

It was such a delight to see you perform, that night!


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My latest release gets gradually more sentimental as it goes on.
https://soundcloud.com/businesspastel/s … he-loop-ep

But also if you want that SAD sad chiptune, you gotta check this out.
https://spaceboyfriend.bandcamp.com/alb … er-give-up
(She currently makes music under the name Clover and Sealife)


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The Kevyn Gnartinez Band's been making some great stuff, lately!

Astroskeleton used to make NES rock, also. Their records "You Are Not Alone" and "Into Stardust" are both excellent!
https://astroskeleton.bandcamp.com/albu … -not-alone


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Back in like 2009, I discovered Anamanaguchi through a CollegeHumor video about how the boys use their NES; around the time "Dawn Metropolis" came out.

I didn't get super into the "using obsolete hardware to make music" aspect until 2011 when I started listening to Nullsleep, Bit Shifter, and Covox.

But I didn't get LSDJ until I came across "Vacation Wasteland EP" by Slime Girls in 2013!


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if you like goofy goofs https://twitter.com/businesspastel


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Ooh, I'm diggin' this. I'll submit one of my songs soon!


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Slime Girls - Vacation Wasteland EP
Nullsleep - Unconditional Acceleration
Space Boyfriend - Bug Spray (Never Give Up)