Toronto, Canada

Hey, I was wondering if anyone knows of some sad-sounding chipmusic. Self-promotion is fine, I just wanna hear some depressing beeps n' boops.

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long island, ny

My latest release gets gradually more sentimental as it goes on. … he-loop-ep

But also if you want that SAD sad chiptune, you gotta check this out. … er-give-up
(She currently makes music under the name Clover and Sealife)

Joliette, QC, Canada

Jeroen Tel (The man...THE LEGEND) did some sad songs and 2 of em' are my favorite chiptunes of all time ! Totally helped me a lot when my dad died 2 1/2 years ago !

Spookane, Warshington

There is this guy who goes by Mr. Lou that writes a bunch of tracker stuff. These two songs get me down... but in a good way.

Little-Scale: Biometrics is a great album. … -2010.html

Kiel, Germany

My album is mostly sad, especially the song 'deleted' (including implied suicide)


I've never found one sadder than this:

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It's a Sad, Sad, Day:


Sunday Rain: … Season.nsf

Sanzen In:


I always link to this tune which is one of my favorite on C64 (Kjell Nordboe): … 8580R5.mp3

Beware, it's quite depresive, especially the second part...

This one is quite good too: … 8580R5.mp3

Another nice and melancholic tune: … 8580R5.mp3

Another one, very beautiful: … 8580R5.mp3

I don't particularly enjoy his "fun" C64 tunes, but the saddest ones are so great...

Like this one: … 8580R5.mp3

Well, it's probably one of my favorite musician after all!

My own tunes are also not very "happy":
I've just posted an old one in this mood:
or : … valf-music … the-bottle

A few other cool and sad and / or melancholic tunes I've discovered: … ost-fading … sian-davos … ure-furies … queek-test … ill-tracks

(sorry, too many links...)

XyNo wrote:

Jeroen Tel (The man...THE LEGEND) did some sad songs and 2 of em' are my favorite chiptunes of all time ! Totally helped me a lot when my dad died 2 1/2 years ago !


Clermont-Ferrand, France

I've made a "sad" track on our last EP :

Also, I love soleviio's Sonus Antiquatum, and this track hits right in the feels : … con-brio-2

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Self promotion of my song Goodbye. I did it on a bad time of my life so it is really sad for me.


i made lots of sad tracks..
this one is nanoloop 1.3 … every-tear
same with this one
this is 4 copies of nanoloop 1.3, nanovoice and nanoloop 2.3 … nile-river

edit: most of this album is pretty sad too..


all of my music is sad ):

i am sad

Madison, Alabama

I always thought Peer's "Dance 3" was sad. It starts with this bittersweet chord progression and a fragile melody, which falls apart and gives way to a suffocating midsection of caustic noise, beeps, and scattershot percussion, which is finally joined by the chords and melody again. The glassy chords and wavering melody underpinned with the manic percussion always struck me.


Want something a bit melancholic and mystifying? Rainwarrior can hook you up:


Funny you would say melancholy. Took the word right out of my mouth for my suggestion.
I always thought "I'm good for her & she's good for me " by Falling for a Square was.

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