I'll throw out a name suggestion:

Since these are all Nanoloop songs, but definitely not "nano" in length, how about "MILLILOOP"? Or some other unit prefix big_smile

just throwing in my two cents:

interesting that a thread on "worst part about making chiptunes" has led to some really interesting discussion, and some good music to boot.

though i occasionally like poppy, dancy stuff, i really get into the more unusual music that people put out–7/4 time signatures, ambient sounds, complex melodies… so please, keep it up!

@jellica i don't know how i'm just now hearing about kittenrock, but for sure i'll be digging through it! big_smile


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nanode wrote:

Bandcamp or go home.

True that! big_smile

I only use Apple Music for streaming. Trying to save songs for offline listening causes crazy mixups with my library (don't turn on iCloud Music Library if you value your album art or metadata), so I don't even bother. And yeah, it can be buggy. Their curated playlists are pretty nice tho. But honestly, I don't think it's a whole lot different from Spotify.

That said, I'd be curious to hear an artist's perspective. What is your opinion of Apple Music, when you have your own music on there? Any different from the other streaming services? I haven't uploaded anything to it, so I don't know.

cyancoloneels wrote:
The One Electronic wrote:

TXChip is organizing an event, I'll be there to play. A date's been set but I can't really speak about specifics. smile

Radness! I'll keep an eye out for details and if it falls within the time I'm in the area I'll swing by.

Snap maybe _I_ need to swing by! big_smile

spacetownsavior wrote:

again, I really don't mean to slight the track (I think it's really awesome honestly) but I think a big reason why one situation is considered "chiptune" and the other isn't is based around the word itself -- it's obviously not just an aesthetic, because if it were, then we'd be totally fine with producers using chip sounds in tracks everywhere. "methodology" seems like a better word for it, but if that's the case then, assuming that the methodology involves voluntarily limiting yourself to obsolete technology, a lot of music falls under it. it's probably something like a methodology applied toward a specific aesthetic or something weird like that

and yeah this veers dangerously close to "what IS chiptune" but this kind of scene-wide self-evaluation is what allows growth -- I see the progression of dubstep as dubstep -> brostep -> trap -> future bass, and as (hugely) simplistic that model might be, I REALLY like where it ended up! and I think the huge stigma attached to brostep and its artists really pushed everyone within the genre to expand it to where skrillex is now making tropical beach pop (which has its own stigma (which creates its own evolution)). NOT TO MENTION outside artists coming in and very blatantly ripping off specific aesthetic references for their own artistic ends like purity ring, who made really deep, textured synthy bass music and threw trap beats underneath which created its own offshoot


@SketchMan3: Just my two cents: speaking only for myself, I've found that I work better and am more creative under limitations. Give me a blank canvas with every color and brush imaginable and I freeze up. Give me a 64x64 pixel square and a limited color palette, and for some reason ideas flow easier.

Nullatrum wrote:
djhaka wrote:

For example, I love crazy time signatures (5/4, 7/4, even some 15/4 like Disasterpeace has done yikes).

I have something for you then https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhjG47gtMCo

Hahaha nice!! Haven't listened to much Tool, but yeah! I love getting thrown off and trying to figure out where the beat is big_smile.

I feel similar to n00bstar. I think there are interesting musical elements in all kinds of music, and I also think trying to perform those elements within the limitations of a chip is really neat. There's gradations of that (strict limits to 'fakebit' to throwing a couple of bloops into your DAW, why not), but interesting music is interesting music. Two good examples are Shnabubula, who's an amazing pianist and improvisor but still incorporates his skill into limited chiptunes (see All Blues), and freezedream, who can either compose strictly on a Mega Drive/Genesis or write interesting field music, just depending on what he wants. I'm sure it takes a junk ton of work and creativity to pull that off though.

pselodux wrote:

same.. though I think there's merit in making more 'classic' techno, ie. more towards the minimalist side, with no drops or ridiculous gimmicky sounds.. at least that's what I like to tell myself big_smile

That's what I like!! Give me some Orbital over bass drops any day big_smile

Scout out parking ahead of time if possible (if you're driving in). It can be a nightmare to get anywhere around the venues.

lol my music tastes are like yours, eclectic! My iPhone on shuffle today has everything from chip to rock and EDM and classical and VGM and singer/songwriter and pop and tongue

I wouldn't worry about it too much. What I listen to tends to ebb and flow. If I get bored I can always come back a few months later and I'll enjoy it again big_smile

That being said, the constant for me is interesting melody, techniques, stuff like that. For example, I love crazy time signatures (5/4, 7/4, even some 15/4 like Disasterpeace has done yikes). I'm more inclined to enjoy any song, chiptune or otherwise, if it piques my interest like that.


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Ooo I'll definitely give this a listen! A bunch of tracks I missed from some great artists big_smile


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nikola wrote:

Really cool to see all the creative things people here are up to smile

Ditto! big_smile I need to up my game, maybe start learning Japanese wink

e.s.c wrote:

taking painkillers for severe neck and back pain caused by arthritis in my spine

That really sucks dude, I hope you can get some relief. hmm


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Wow! Thanks for sharing everyone! Lots of inspiring stuff big_smile

Feryl wrote:

No, I just love movies. tongue

I started reading a bunch of scripts, enjoyed them, and then decided to try my hand at it. One is an adaption of a pretty unique kid's book I read growing up called "The Chalkbox Kid," and the other is an original called "I Met a Girl in the Woods."

Very cool. Does that also involve planning out sets/scenes and that sort of thing? I haven't read many scripts myself.

DropMontage wrote:

Brushing up on my coding, I want to put together a interactive graphic novel with original compositions to play on gameboy.

Do you mean the art will be on the game boy too?? Because that would be absolutely rad big_smile and difficult, I would imagine!


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@Feryl: Screenplays, huh? Are they for work or something? Now I'm intrigued wink

smile Just curious!

As for me, I'm kind of in a state of flux (recently graduated from uni) so I'm taking the opportunity to relax a bit, visit friends and family. Been struggling with motivation to write chipmusic for a while now, so I'm trying a different creative outlet by writing fiction. It's actually quite rewarding big_smile In particular I've found that putting restraints or a framework on the story (kind of like chip limitations! hoo ha) helps my ideas flow.

How about y'all?

Loving this! Made me realize I wasn't listening to nearly enough SID tunes big_smile

Great idea too to put everything together in one place!


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I never knew how that speech bubble worked until today. Wild.


Hawk wrote:
Nullatrum wrote:

oh what did I just get a shoutout? lol

Heh I saw that on the front page and came straight to this thread to see if anyone had mentioned it.

This is why I like this site lol

Nullatrum wrote:

Yeah I've used magical 8bit plug. Do you think I can get by on that for the my project on just that and maybe some other free ones I can find? Or is it necessary to buy something like plogue chipsounds?

I'd just say give it a shot with the free stuff! Mess around with them, see if you can get the sounds and effects you want. And, if they don't cut it, then try out the chipsounds demo and see if that's better. No one's really keeping score wink