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(Rematch) was really awesome! The melody really strung me along and all the little sound effects here and there really caught my attention. I enjoyed the rematch more then the original, although the only thing I wished you had kept from the original was the little echo after the piano roll at the end. Overall good stuff! Keep up the good work!


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When are you going to be updating the list? I'm doing loverboy and I would like to confirm that you got my submission.


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When are you going to be updating the list? I'm doing loverboy and I would like to confirm that you got my submission.


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I need a some pixel art for a single i'm making. I really only have 1 constraint for the artwork though, and that is that it has to be pixel art. The song is located here (https://soundcloud.com/logan-leach/the- … d-teenager) and here (http://chipmusic.org/justbeenwarpzoned/ … d-teenager), so you can get a feel for what this mood of the song is. I'm really looking forward to somebody actually responding to this because trust me, they always do. Thanks in advanced!

By the way, I didn't want to sound pretentious when talking about the bass line because, trust me, I've been guilty of the same thing so many times before.

Steve the Cat:

     I thoroughly enjoyed this piece, however, I have some major criticisms of it. Firstly, I would like to talk about all the good things, because, after all, what's a critique without some positivity! The mix of EDM and Chiptune is nothing new, but I felt like you brought a new edge to it. It's definitely clear that you have a talent. I can't really explain it, but the best I can come up with is that the base chiptune seems to be unchanged, not converted to an EDM style, while the drums are, as well as the producing. The Instruments were pure, and I really enjoyed the drums. As I produce both EDM and Chiptune, I know that finding the right drums for a song is hard, but you nailed it! I really liked the trance bass line. Trance bass lines are basic, but always effective.
     Now for my criticism. The number thing that I just have to address is the repetitiveness. I'm not talking about the drums, chords, and arps. Although there weren't very many variations, they were distributed well throughout the song. No, I'm referring to the monotonous bass line. Throughout the whole song, I was just dying for a change in the note progression of the bass, but it never happened. Sure, you changed the way the bass instrument played the notes, but in the end, it was playing the SAME NOTES. That's not real variation. In basic song structure, there is something called a bridge. If you just added a bridge to change it up a bit, then this song would have kicked so much more ass than it already did. If you don't know what a bridge is, go look it up, but from your songwriting abilities, it kind of seems like you at least know what a bridge is. Add one, and you're good. I really don't have much to say other than that.
     If you don't want to change anything, this could be awesome background music. As I am writing this, I have it playing on loop, and It's so awesome; but if you want this to be a song that you can just listen to on it's own, definite changes need to made as stated above. I'll try and post a detailed critique of each of your songs as soon as I can. In the mean time, keep on writing music, spread the word of chiptune, and have a great day!

Is there anyway that we could send by email?


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I wrote it in Hivelytracker actually. Btw, what do mean when you say that it sounds true?

just wanted to ask, in your original post, it said the deadline is 13/07/15. So, just for clarification, that's july 7th, 2015, right?


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I moved this topic to a different post. Here is the link (http://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/16684 … ess-piece/)

What the title says. Here is the link to the song (https://soundcloud.com/logan-leach/robo … bass-boost)


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I just wanted to ask everybody what they thought about my WIP song "Robotic Sludge". Here is the link to the song (http://chipmusic.org/justbeenwarpzoned/ … version-03).

You did a great job on that one where you said you utilized the noise channel more. I always have trouble with drums in chiptune, so I really applaud you on that. I couldn't access your other songs for some reason when i click on the link so i can't say anything about those, but i did listen to a few of the others on your soundcloud and they sound fantastic, so keep up the good work!

I need some help with leveling my song's sound and just where i should improve it "music theory" wise. The song is located here (http://chipmusic.org/justbeenwarpzoned/ … u-fail-wip). Thank for your feedback! smile


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I just need some general CC on my new WIP track called "The Gore" (http://chipmusic.org/justbeenwarpzoned/ … e-gore-wip). Thanks in advance. That is all.

It seems like you wanted cc on mixing and mastering, but I'll throw in my two cents anyway. While I was trying to thing of things to criticize, I noticed that right after a listened to one of your songs, I completely forgot what it went like. Maybe I wasn't paying close enough attention, but I couldn't remember a thing. That is why suggestion to you is make better melodies. No, not better, more memorable, because, if I don't even remember what your songs sounds like, I'm less likely to even listen to another. I know that people can't just make "better" melodies from someone just telling them to, but really put some more thought into your patterns. I sounded very disjointed to me, and your video game samples seemed arbitrary. I hope I'm not coming off as too harsh. but just hear me out. I love your style, and how everything seems very spacious, and i also love when you don't use the vgm samples  arbitrarily. I really think you have potential, and would love you to take my words and the others who commented to heart. Please get some more stuff out there bigger, better, and faster? That last one didn't make sense, but do the first two! Thank you for listening!