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hey guys. trying to get my hands on the mp3s for CCIVORY's album "launch!"


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try getting in touch with norrin radd. he was able to get death metal vocals to sound fucking awesome with DPCM https://mattcreameraudio.bandcamp.com/album/anomaly


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the chip parts of this song were made in lsdj. I think I actually have the save file kicking around somewhere. I could isolate the kick and send a sample but as far as making this in chipsounds I wouldn't know. I can't imagine it's too hard.


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this shit is spicy~


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this is fresh as fuck


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GLOOMS wrote:
aZu wrote:

Woaaaaaah this is a really nice treat! I honestly thought he disappeared for good, I'm very glad to see him still making music, goodness.

What about USK? I sorta followed him on Instagram but all I see is like, drone videos now with some cool music, though I was wondering is he still active with using LSDj?

USK plays awesome techno hardware now , probably not going to find it unless you see him live..

He did put this out in January though. They are old songs but he hasn't quit chip as far as I can tell. https://chipdisko.bandcamp.com/album/rare-trax


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Andrex wrote:

EC is literally the best.



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aZu wrote:

What ever happened to Circles? He was another dude that worked alongside with Fighter X, though I haven't heard from him in ages.

Jack goes by Electric Children now. 


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Andrex wrote:

IAYD was mentioned on the first page four years ago, but he seems to have vanished for real in the last few years.

Facebook: deleted.
Twitter: deleted.
Soundcloud: empty.

There was a Vice interview two years ago about his self-titled album but that's it.

His Last.fm says he "was" a Texas-based chiptune artist, which gave me some pause.

What happened?

he still makes music. not chiptune but it's hella dope. his visuals are sick too.

not sure why he wiped his soundcloud and stuff but maybe that means he's gearing up to release new different stuff...who's to say.


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fuck yes


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josh-smosh didn't seem like the type to do that... I hope nothing bad happened to them sad

very excited about this. will be getting in touch as soon as I have work worth sharing.


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i like bunnies


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these are way chill. love it.
would one be okay to use your music in youtube vids and stuff with proper credit given?


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dude this is so siiiiiick!