Hi there!

I'm currently experimenting with DPCM and chopped vocal samples, but I don't really know how to approach pre-mixing them. In terms of EQing, normalizing, and or compression (if any), what should I do to make sure that consonants are clear and distinct without being muddy? I'm not too worried about distortion or conflicting with the triangle channel.

I suck at recording vocals and stuff.
I don't know if you know this tool already but Rushjet1 did an awesome program to make DMC files !

My question was more geared towards the actual mixing process of the vocals so that they don't sound muddy. I have a system for importing the vocals already.


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try getting in touch with norrin radd. he was able to get death metal vocals to sound fucking awesome with DPCM https://mattcreameraudio.bandcamp.com/album/anomaly