fantastic tool. It works flawlessly. You might want to note that PIL is not as easy to install these days and it is nolonger maintained. Thankfully pillow is a drop in replacement for PIL A simple pip install pillow and I was good to go. I'm running python 2.7 64 bit on win 7 64bit

Hum easy solution mod the ALTANE so that there is a push button switch that disrupts power to the cartridge.

very cool would love to give it a spin as well. hopefully it would work on the everdrive.

qitano wrote:

I think someone forgot to shout some update here tongue

This is one very cool project who would have thought you could make something that sounds that good on a calculator. I have played around with a few audio apps on my 83+ but most were buggy and frankly finding an adapter to hook your link cable port up to an audio cable is hard.

Is the BennVenn 256M GB Flash Cartridge supported with the current ALTANE software? I'm tempted to get one from kitsch-bent as it fully supports LSDJ unlike my everdrive with it's partial support. The cart is a GB/GBC compatible re-programmable flash cartridge with 256M (32mbytes) ROM space. it can manage up to 16 different save files on one cartridge. fully LSDJ compatible! I might hold out till you come back from your reorganization and get a fighter cartridge instead.

LSDJ works with the everdeive but you can not use the save feature in it only the scratch space is saved. so if you want to have more then one song you need to have more then one copy of lsdj on the everdreive each named difrently.

Im sure they are in the process of gearing up for a production run. I'm curious as to the eta for the fighter cart to go with the ALTANE. I got in on the preorder for the ALTANE and I love it but I would love to get a fightercart once they are ready hopeful it will have enough sram to handle LSDJ better then my everdrive dose.

sweet my ALTANE arrived. Just backed up my gameboy carts. It even managed to backup the sram from my copy of zelda ages that was white screening on me when I tried to play it. Thank you for this great product. worked great for backing up my pokemon games so I could load them on my everdrive. however seems like my everdrive disliked a few of the sram dumps namely the zeldas ages and seasions, xtremesports, and marioland 2 six gold coins then again it might have just been my sd card having issues as they loaded jsut fine but when it went to dump the sram back to the sd card when switching roms it borked on me. oh well atleast the ones I really cared about worked flawlessly now I have me orgional pokemon red and yellow backed up and avable on my everdrive.

Im sure someone will make a review video / unboxing just a matter of time.


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here is my current setup


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This is a very old pic of my setup I have not used that setup in several years but I still have every part of it should I chose to set it up again the mixer was just to fickle and the 4 track tape recorder had 2 dead channels. These days I mostly do purely digital work I fiddle around with lsdj on my gameboy then toss the save file into an emulator such as the core used by retroarch. I then simply capture the output. I have also been know to use sunvox and pixitracker. When it comes to editing I toss the wav audio into audacity

looks like someone even patented the idea of a Liquid crystal display assembly with phosphorescent backlighting back in 1986.


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Thank you for offering this great collection for free.

lol that is an epic reply.


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I second sunvox for android it's a fantastic app. As to the question I find that retorarch works well for emulating lsdj as it contains the gamebatte core / emulator.

thanks for the heads up the wait is almost over.