This was all on the Nanoloop Demo + Live for fx … 89bNdhl-gK

Thinning the herd. First come, first serve.

Email if you want to buy. [email protected]

Prices include shipping to the lower 48. PayPal only, unless you live in north Alabama. In order, starting up top, left to right:

Pic: … mp;theater

$100 Launchpad S (like new, used maybe 2 times, USB, stickers and original box included)
$120 GB Pocket Ana edition w/original battery cover 9/10
$85 GB Pocket Extreme Green #1 w/original battery cover 9/10
$75 GB Pocket Extreme Green #2 w/original battery cover 8/10
$60 AGS 101 w/charger 7/10 everything works, has case wear
$55 AGS 101 NO charger 6/10 everything works, has case wear
$55 Nanoloop 2.7 new #1
$55 Nanoloop 2.7 new #2
$35 Nanoloop 1.7 new #1
$35 Nanoloop 1.7 new #2
$35 Nanoloop 1.7 new #3
$10 Pilotwing Resort 3DS like new


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NVM Bad idea apparently

BLEO wrote:
The One Electronic wrote:

explain to me how this will be any more efficient than pressing a dpad and 2 buttons with my thumbs

Already answered bruh


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BRKOUT wrote:

I know the problem your talking about.. Its one of those common issues a lot of home studios face. Avantone's are great as a secondary reference but ultimately will still be affected by the rooms acoustics issues. My advice would be to own the best set of headphones you can afford and get others to give you feedback on your tracks as much as possible..

Sound advice. kachow...


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You should video this kind of mix and post on yerterbs. Good stuff.


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BRKOUT wrote:

The room i'm working in is already tuned hence I don't run Opal Room EQ. I used IK ARC a while back in my home setup but found I didn't like the way it made the tracks I was working with sound. I feel like room EQ software is a poor fix to a bigger problem.

Tru dat. You ever check out Mix Cubes or even Behringer's variant? Been thinking about it...cause Opals have some stupid bass and living in an APT is get the idea.

XyNo wrote:

This is a nice project I have an idea for nanoloop. Use the pads for every steps in Nanoloop and add 2 sliders to edit the note you pressed (pitch and octave if you are in the notes and etc...)
If you cant access the dpad and buttons like start or select add it (make small buttons like the mpc !)
oh btw...Square buttons please, less chances to miss the pads...and I'm more used to these !!! (I'm a MPC user)

I'm so glad someone else understands that 16 pad square Your idea is awesome with the pads corresponding to Nanoloops steps. Can even do that without having to do it in Nanoloop's code?

BRKOUT is right. I was DJ first, then got into chip stuff. It's like a CDJ+MIDI Fighter+GBA+Nanoloop love child.

This is geared towards having multiple units running Nanoloop at the same time in a DJ setting with a mixer in between or to the side. LSDJ doesn't have L-R Trigs so some DMGs on a table  and LSDJ are probably more efficient, unless you want to poke buttons.

That being said, Nanoloop 2+ does use the trigs. So there was a need to abstract those buttons up front. Then, the buttons are all small if your doing something like Kodek's Techno workout.

GBA problems to solve. RCA/headphone out, trigs, form factor, pressing buttons from standing position, sliding around on the table.

Is it necessary? Probably not. Fun? Oh, yeah. I just wanted to share. I'll probably be making 4 for myself and calling it quits, unless anyone else really wants one. After that it may just go into open source. I've been pricing parts, and it's not cheap.


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I run RME and Opals You ever use the Opal Room EQ? I tried it once a while back, but the software was bugging out so I haven't since.

Just wanted to share so it's out in the world and if I falter, there can be a public shaming...with pizzas. GB's are in, Nanoloop carts are en route, and ordering arcade buttons shortly. Next step is a wood/cardboard prototype, then finally an acrylic V1.

There are six button functions still free so if anyone has ideas, please share. Oh, and if anyone can comment on circle vs square arcade buttons, I'm all ears as I haven't had time on the square ones.


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I speak as a techno guy that has a small label with distribution on Beatport and am applying it here. This is just from my experience from being on both sides of the coin. I've payed people to create product, I've distributed with other labels, and have also had a physical brick and mortar business. The biggest lesson has been that there's a lot more going on on the label side than appears if they are doing their job right.

As an artist:
1) Do you see any inherent worth to releasing your music through a netlabel?
If they have a following with quality releases.

2) What are the three most important things you look for in a label?
Quality, consistency, and a presence in the real world (events, parties, etc not just online)

3) What are the top three labels on which you'd like to have your music and why?
DIY a label and see what goes into it, then try to get to bigger platforms, really just whoever you want to be on so it's subjective.

4) What is the percentage of the money you think should go to the label?
50% is fair if everyone is putting in equal efforts, but we're talking about chip music it's not going to be enough for it to matter.

5) What services should the label offer? (art, mastering, physical CDs etc etc)
Money to pay for what's needed.

6) Your feelings on exclusivity and copyrights?
Non-exclusive on everything UNLESS they are investing a significant amount of money in you or giving you dollars up front as an advance.

As a customer
1) What, if any, influence does a label has on your purchasing habits?
As a brand? Not all that much. For example, I know that Defected and Toolroom are going to always have quality releases, but I look at the artists first, then the label is like cred.

2) Do you prefer to buy directly from an artist, or through a label?
Don't care.

3) What are you top three favorite labels and why?
Mentioned above.

4) What would you consider a appropriate price range for chiptune albums?
Same as any other album. Depends on the release medium. iTunes .99. Band camp name your price. Vinyl $10-20, but $15 is a good place to be.

5) Does the storefront (bandcamp, custom website, etc) influence your purchases?
The ease of checking out on the shopping cart is the most important. I wanted to buy every song on a guy's label, which was about 20 releases. he used a free cart, and you could only buy one at a time. I didn't buy any. Then, I told him, make an item with all of your relases priced accordingly and I'll buy it (mentioned the cart problem). He didnt' fix it, I didn't buy anything. Shame...

6) Your opinion on physical copies? (cd, tape, vinyl, etc)
Way more likely to actually sell physical items at shows. No one cares about digital products cause it's no secret that it's all duplicable for least that's what I think.

7) Your opinion on merch? (tshirts, stickers, garter belts, etc)
Yes, if you play live shows.

Is it possible to output the video from a DMG-01 and a GBA to a third party screen like an LCD or OLED? I'm thinking along the lines of using the the system guts and putting them into a larger case with bigger screen, and maybe arcade size buttons.


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Ah ha I see, thanks guys. Polyphony is definitely nice to 2.x.x it is then


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Sup, looked for a while, but didn't really find anything. Also, played the demos, but didn't notice anything different in particular.

Are there any functional differences between Nanoloop 1 and 2 other than the systems they're played on? (I did just think of the R L toggles up top on GBA)

Signed up for the 2 list, but missed out on the 1 release last week hmm


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