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cz the thumbstick on the f100 sux...

id consider an f100 too though

haha me too! but now ive lost my damn gp2x in the centre of town recently, this info will come in handy if i procure another gp2x.

does the cradle only work with the f200? (thats what i had, used the cradle only with batteries for fear of blowing the gp2x up, dont wanna get an f100 if the cradle wont work)

even though i guess a raspberry pi can totally replace a dp2x and cradle nowadays for everything other than LGPT....

Anyone wanna sell me a dp2x or buy my cradle? big_smile

in b4 "dances"

For me though, "$$ trooper" and super hexagon

I have the (flare?) midi music machine if anyone is interested in buying it or the internals... great little sampler / midi interface!


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ive got an amiga 1200 set up, and some samplers, such as an akai s20.
shipping would be a pain but id be happy to trade / cash some stuff for any or all of what youre offering.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/z1uczy5me08ex … 2.rar?dl=0

midierrors editor

ah, i wasnt notified! cheers!

still... if anyone wants to sell and help me avoid the VAT, i'll happilly purchase!

sell me your gba noonooloopz plz!


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i knew i was dreaming too high; thanks anyway rumpelfilter!


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Is there such a thing as an ARM / Rpi based Vsti host availible? i dont want to run anything super complex, but want to host a few synths ive made using synthmaker / flowstone on a tiny standalone platform... Have seen a commercial thing called zynthian or something that does something similar but f*** that..


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humbletune my man, will this run on a regular chip? not a pocketchip? I think i may buy a chip if so as rpi is causing me troubles outputting to composite, running LGPT and a few others! Im based not very far at all from you, please continue with the awesome softwares!

oscillating wrote:

1984 George Orwell
Brave new world Aldous Huxley


also, the man in the high castle, Phillip K Dick

2001, Arthur C Clarke

A clockwork orange. Anthony Burgess

Flatland, Edwin Abbott (seriously the best book ever by miles, read this. il even send it you if you pay the postage from UK)

The disposessed, Ursula k leguin (le guinn? fuck knows)

All of P K dicks short stories + Do androids dream of electric sheep

TetrisEffect wrote:


Abstract minimal glitch spat out by an amiga.

is this Jellicas brother / Josstintimberlake?

Any info as to how the tracks were created? Guessing its generative / procedurally generated, maybe using that crazy Amiga markup language which i forget the name of?


I've got midierrors beta if anyone needs it

I've got midierrors beta if anyone needs it