Wudb nice to edit any of the parameters for any of the effects, even if only having one per note..
Pico could easily be the new scenester lgpt/ renoise. Somebody get the author in here!

Double, sorry

Nope. I think?! Pretty much no. But pico is in alpha so hopefully lexaloffle is open to extending the self imposed limitations of at least the tracker.


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Moderators plz move this to the relevant motion graphics or related subforum! Maybe the amiga one too, if a thread can exist in multiple states. Thanxbai!


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Aaaaagh how did I miss this?! That's syphus rite? Ima fucking idiot

Can someone make or point me to a method for playing and fucking with mods in processing please? I promise to build in no carriers asci sketch... We need something like Hoffman / akiras pt-1210 / gwems atari dj ting. I can put moneys

Can we all petition for further development on the trackers effects? I want definable Amp / pitch  / arp effects! Check out the hidden effects highlighted by the"music corrupter" cart too. And fucking awesome work 4mat, please continue with both audio software and demo gfx in pico8 plz


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Mmmm vj porn. I wish I had one of those


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Future double post

I rarely listened to track on 8BC (or uploaded them) and I have never done either here... Im talking more about the forums. Some valid and no doubt completely correct points have been raised answering my original question, and tbf I'd rather this community than 8BC, it just seems that the only people here are e.s.c, bleo, swimm, me, etc.  Continue inputting guys, Nordloef, screamo file, inb4...

JaffaCakeMexica wrote:

Democratically elected Prime Minister David Cameron just happens to be a direct descendent of King William IV. This makes him fifth-cousins with Queen Elizabeth II.

Against all odds, Cameron’s wife Samantha is 11th cousins with Queen Elizabeth II. She’s also a descendent of King Charles II and a distant cousin of Diana, Princess of Wales.

Cameron and Johnson are, in fact, eighth cousins.

The blood link is not the only thing the two men have in common. Cameron and Johnson were both at Eton, both were members of the notorious Bullingdon Club at Oxford, both entered Parliament in 2001 — and both want to be Prime Minister.

Coincidentally, UKIP leader Nigel Farage received a £600,000 donation from a former BNP member.

You keep the spirit alive... That answers all my questions, many thanks :d

The eyefall of chipmusic.org seems so incredibly low compared to the old days of 8bc, which to be fair, despite being brimming with idiots, was indeed a bustling place. every forum was chocka, people replied immediately, due to the huge volume of users. here things are so slow, which is often good due to less ridiculous meme responses etc. but still.... it feels kinda barren in here, still, after years of the site existence.

if anyone wants to sell mobb beep, starscream or huoratron vinyl, i'll happily pay you with monies and love. seriously needed these for long times, and have forgotten to actively search for a while...

As the title says, anyone got reccomendations for buying a domain name for a few years? Worried about the lack of transparency of lots of providers; offering cheap domain for a year but with no indication of how much they hike up the price by thereafter.

I'm planning on using a cargocollective site with a personalised URL to begin with so i'm looking at getting domain and hosting seperately; Im also kind of worried about getting the domain through a website building service such as wix.com (and then also using their building tools) will cause problems with domain ownership if I decide to build my own site or hire someone to do so at a later date.

Any help much appreciated; Im a graphic designer by trade and an avid hobbyist programmer, but have very little in the way of knowledge about such web matters.


automatonsubsys wrote:

i really want to get one of these. I have been experimenting with MIDI sequencing in Python in Linux, so I am sure it will work fine on this device. I have also been getting into other trackers in Linux. seems like a good handheld choice.

has anyone tried this on a raspberry PI? seems like it would be similar

found this, but i only really want MIDI out

http://www.instructables.com/id/PiMiDi- … earned-to/

Check the pico-forums for a bug with splore and rpi usb keyboards, they work fine in code editor but there is a slight problem with alt /ctrl / etc key combos that doesnt appear to be fixed. This should only be a problem for installing the included demos however and not in coding your programs.

Anyone got a good "coding Lua for pico-8" or else just coding games in Lua resource, other than the pico 8 fanzines which I shall be buying as soon as payday hits? Or even a guide to old demoscene effects for people with reasonable java / game maker / processing skillz (but no Lua as of yet) Im aiming to use pico-8 for procedural / generative visuals but understanding the code is proving difficult what with Lua's crazy tables / metatables instead of traditional arrays and stuff. On first (a few days) glance it reminds me sort of an advanced basic. Anyone chip in (excuse the pun) with some info?

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