So,  I'm really stoked for PocketC.H.I.P.,  especially after today's update announcing that it comes installed with something called Pico-8...

PocketC.H.I.P. is C.H.I.P.,  the "$9 computer",  with a built in touch screen,  keyboard,  etc.  that debuted on Kickstarter awhile back and is now expected to ship out this month. 

Apparently,  Pico-8,  is a community based, 8 bit gaming platform where you can edit the games/music as you'd like(?)  Sounds awesome,  but I just heard of it today so I know very little about it...

I was looking at the PocketC.H.I.P. website today and they show a picture of a Pico-8 music tracker!  I was wondering if anyone here knew which tracker it was and/or had any experience with it???  It's under "Music" at the following link:

Cool Chipzel song used in the video,  too!

Looks pretty neat! Im finally starting to get excited about it. There was an update a while back where Sunvox had been ported too!

I've no "real" use for that, but well, I want to get one so much!

I already wanted to get a "C.H.I.P." anyway, so with the console, the case, the removable chip, the included Pico-8 software, it seems to be very interesting.

I've just ordered one...
I hope I won't get some custom taxes in addition.

I totally forgot I backed

That Pico-8 tracker looks adorable. I love the idea of making and playing simple games and tunes like this. I might have to nab one of these when the time comes.

Im getting it for sure, but i have no idea about the tracker

Thinking about picking one up, but not really sure about that keyboard.

I preordered. Im sure that keyboard sucks but whatever

Ordered, might make some visualizers and stuff for fun.

Ordered.  Seems like a lot of fun.

Would it be possible to connect a USB MIDI dongle to the Pocketchip and track MIDI in Sunvox? Looks very interesting!

Would it be possible to connect a USB MIDI dongle to the Pocketchip and track MIDI in Sunvox?

I don't see how it couldn't be possible. And if your midi keyboard can do usb midi, you can plug it directly as well, without any adapter. (most modern cheap midi master keyboard can only do usb midi). … etc-h-i-p/ (no midi here though)

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It looks like "the time" happened to be my closest payday. I have great faith that the keyboard will be a board, with keys. They even promise us that they'll be SUPER clicky. Oooohhhh. Clicky.

Ive read a post and theye having trouble with midi controllers, you need to do some Linux shit i dont underatand, in your code, for them to work. But is doable.

Im so interested in using it for vsts

I didn't realize it before,  but apparently PocketC.H.I.P. also comes with Sunvox preinstalled!

I lurk the pocketchip forums and it doesnt seem like that. Sunvox is free for linux anyway