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10 boards done, waiting for flash chips.
Manuals and shipping boxes ordered.
Testing software again.


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Of course smile

Finishing up the manual and testing saves right now. Will post pics of the progress later on.


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For sure. When I started thinking about it, I told myself I'll give out 5 units to artists I knew personally and that's it...
Will keep you updated on the assembly process and shipping, and also about future distribution.

Chronoseptor: Sorry hmm I actually did too but my cat woke me up.

PS: I won't send individual e-mails about orders until shipping, if you got a receipt e-mail from Paypal or you're seeing the payment in your PP history, then the order went fine.


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7 minutes, exactly ! I'm stunned yikes
Thank you so much guys. I started feeling bad about making you wait until now and leaving some to wait until later, but I really wasn't able to make 50 right away...

Kitsch-Bent and I are in contact and we're having some plans for the future...

Shipping will start the 16th of April as written on the page, with ~5 units per day up to Monday the 20th.
I'll contact each one of you with tracking or questions in case I have some.

Haha, ça compte si les composants viennent de Taiwan et la carte de Chine ? tongue
Fabriqué avec amür in Francia still !


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It is, yes smile
Alarm's set to upload the page.

Save bug fixed apparently, will spend the week-end testing. The boxes are ready (simple carboard ones) and I should get the manuals on Monday.

Countrary to what's shown on the picture the boards are black and not purple, the pots also with a white mark.
Those were proto PCBs from OSH Park.

Edit 0:00, orders opened.


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Midnight GMT+2 wink Page updated, sorry. Didn't check if the script worked everywhere.


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Sorry yeah, the countdown's a simple JS thing, it has to use the local time without adjusting... 8:48 left here.

J3wel: I won't be sending anything with known bugs, I'll take care of everything I can find before shipping. The first batch carts can only be upgraded by lifting a pin and using a cart edge programmer, or by changing the flash chip.
I'll see what I can do for the second batch, with maybe ugrades through the link port.


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I'm not ready hahaha, there's a nasty save bug I absolutely need to get rid of quick !
Still opening orders in ~16 hours for the 20 first units.

Also dropped the price to 32€ for the first run because of minor details with the boards:
-The fact that the leftmost pot kind of blocks access to the GB power button
-Needed to add adhesive plastic behind the board to protect some solder points from shorting on the GB's metal shielding (Thanks Nitro2k01).

Will go back to 39€ for the next and these details will be fixed. Will also take CV/gate mods into consideration.


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Okay, I'll bump the board's length by ~5mm. That should be enough and won't change the price smile


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LSDJ Master -> GB-303 Slave: works
LSDJ MIDI out -> GB-303 LSDJ MIDI: works but no drums yet, no CC either
USB-MIDI -> GB-303 full MIDI: works but no drums yet
GB-303 Nano master -> Nanoloop: works

Posted another video sample of it working with FL Studio.

Will test with the Arduinoboy today.

Also thinking about lowering the price a bit for the first batch because the leftmost pot can block the DMG and GBP power button if you have big fingers. Should I just make a longer PCB or put only 2 pots for the next batches ?


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Oh you're from ASM Retro, cool !
The 3D-printed shell version actually uses 0.8mm PCBs and have the regular center hole, so they should fit right in original GB cases.

Let me know if you want to work something out smile

Also, forgot to say that I was very pleased about reactions around GB-303. Was actually super scared of talking about it !


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The pots are through hole, so pretty easy to desolder and re-route.
I'm testing Nanoloop slave sync mode tonight.


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Price is set: 39€ for the nude version, 69€ with shell. Price difference explained on the page.

(If someone dumps the ROM *winks at Nitro2k01*, note that everything will work on a flash cart except saves, which are in EEPROM. Pots controls will be replaced by dpad controls in the x/y screen for cutoff/resonance).


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I sticked it to VCC hmm Flash chip is SST 27SF010, they do byte writes.
Bankswitch is done in the lower 3 bits of $0000~3FFF.
Can update later PCB orders to tie it to AUDIOIN.


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Next batch will follow ~2 weeks after with no price change, no worries smile
Components are easily available, boards take a bit of time to be made.

Also checking for other less expensive shipping options.


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It certainly can be done. I'll see what I can do !
I'm just beginning to test LSDJ master sync right now, the delays are going to be tight :x