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Feryl wrote:

Yo... Entering Ale Country is the shizz.

Thanks hehe! :-)

My new album, Liquorice Dreams is finally released! It feels wonderful!

I've been occupied with lots of stuff (like being lazy and drinking beer), but i finally recorded the whole thing, got it mastered a little and now uploaded! xoxo :-)

Bandcamp: https://avanceradhast.bandcamp.com/albu … ice-dreams

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/2tLc9NTLC3yc3rYGv6MYiV


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Mumblez82 wrote:

Well done! Looking forward to hearing some more tracks!

Thank you! I'll be releasing two albums and one EP of older stuff ever once in a while while working on a new full length, so there's a lot coming heh!


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Evil Scientist wrote:
0b111 wrote:

Great stuff! Love the samples smile

Thanks! All of my lsdj kits (except the one of the guy saying "there's monsters around") can be downloaded from here: http://lsdsng.com/artist/tommy-creep big_smile

Ooh, sweet!!


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Great stuff! Love the samples smile


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Hey guys! Today I'm releasing my single, "Mollypops", on Spotify! It's my first official release. There will be a bandcamp later too.

1. Welcome to Mollypops Kingdom!
2. Junglewood Entity

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/0b111/sets/mollypops

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/4wu8zJDvGmvoRNKk81Qu9w


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Whoops accident quote, blames my network. How do you even remove your own post??


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Will be releasing a first single on Spotify in 1-2 weeks!