i'm being proactive
let's see if this works

inform us of your upcoming releases here!

Can we make stuff up?

no that would be stupid.

i'm ant1 and i think i have an album of commodore 64 music coming quite soon! stay tuned

I plan on learning how to make music at some point in the future. Maybe.
Then I may or may not record said hypothetical music.
I might then get around setting up a bandcamp account.
Then ask Ant1 to make my cover art.
If, and only if, he agrees and provides me with cover art then I'd be releasing a "release".
You should all get excited now, though.


This is coming out 9/10/2012 and it sounds awesome.


due to positive reception on my new sound, i'm working on a 6-track demo

this is what I'm working on.

I have a 4-track EP of ambient (or is it something else? dunno what genre it'd go under) SunVox tunes coming out...sometime soon. It's supposed to be this coming week, but I'm releasing it through a netlabel and they still haven't given me a fixed date. Foohy.

Here's the album art (courtesy of Frostbyte):

Here's a track from the EP (unmastered version): http://soundcloud.com/vincmg/binary-lake

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So. . . Am I supposed to say 'cool' or something? Are we supposed to reply? Like I said, this is going to become cluttered with people replying to posts 7 posts behind. Also, no one's going to check this since it's going to be spam in 5 minutes.

OT: I'm working on something. My inner circle and the FrostyPosse know what I'm talking about.

Edit: Vince, what label?

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4mat wrote:

this is what I'm working on.


ACTUALLY, there will be a release by me coming up soon. It'll be titled "PEEL SESSIONS" and will be all sorts of amazing.
(For real.)

Auxcide wrote:

Edit: Vince, what label?


They're nice folks, just a little slow with communication.

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I feel like this was all George's secret plan to get buzz.

GENIUS. smile

Also, I'm hyped for VCMG's release. It's really good, peoples.

'Tis. This man is a sunvox genius.

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BUMP due to awesome collabs on PEEL SESSIONS with:



Are you excited?
My nipples are so hard I can't even wear a bra at the moment!

I have a new, more personal album in the works called "How to Heal a Broken Heart". Progress has been slower than usual, but I've got some pretty solid tunes at the moment. I'm using FamiTracker and ModPlug. Hopefully I can get it out before the end of the year... we'll see what happens.

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