Interlude EP
by Chromacle
coming November 6, 2012

Victory Road wrote:

hey guys




heart to all of this. Everything in this thread.
pixls, that has me excited.
Victory Road, that me excite.
Vince, EXCITE.

here, have a preview

due out when it's done

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Gonna give Chip-hop a try in this next release.

New album "Sans Titre" coming soon-ish.

4mat wrote:

New album "Sans Titre" coming soon-ish

keen, so keen

also keen for TDK's new release


Circuithead info announcement 9/19

A couple of days back I promised some info on my big followup of sleet, Circuithead, and here it is. Some of you might not have picked up what Circuithead is, but trust me, it'll be big.

I've been preparing for this album since the day I released Sleet and everything is still in the process of planning, writing, and simply just thinking. An incredible amount of work has been done but we are far from finished. I'm ever so lucky to have with me, on this project, a handfull of great musicians, great partners and amazing friends. Even though so little has been publicly announced, I would already like to thank everyone that is helping me out in any way, though they might not even know they're contributing. From my point of view you are all a bigger part of this project than myself.

With that said I'd like to present the first official round of Circuithead info! Huzzah

- Every track will be written and produced in Renoise 2.8
- I'm in charge of both the writing process, recording process and mastering process, so all complaints about too little dubstep should be directed to me by mail.
- On two of the tracks I am EVER SO FUCKING LUCKY AND GRATEFUL to have with me the utterly amazing vocalist Live-Andrea Gjessen Rasch. She will also contribute with lyrics to some point, but all lyrics are primarily written by me.
- Circuithead will be released on my bandcamp page ( and will be free, only with the option to donate a self-determined amount of money ("pay what you want"). If you so wish to donate any amount of money I am forever grateful.
- In not too long there will be released a teaser / single from Circuithead which I hope will have a good promotional effect. When it comes to general promoting of this album I would be honored if I saw people doing an effort to help us reach the next level.
- Album art will once again be done by the amazingly awesome Jonathan Kruschke, who also did the album art for Sleet.

Now for the big one:


Stay tuned.

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VCMG wrote:

It's supposed to be this coming week, but I'm releasing it through a netlabel and they still haven't given me a fixed date. Foohy.

Sorry for giving you such a hard time smile

I'm releasing an EP tuesday called "Half Foxy"
I'm excited.

dude 4mat, that track you posted on the first page is FREHHHSH

ui - killer beats II … -beats-ii/

one final track before the release

4mat wrote:

one final track before the release

Very different can't wait for the release smile