This is a loop-music album, that pretend to keep that crude sound from the NES/FAMICOM adding a juicy bass with killer beats. This album is not meant to be glamorous or a masterpiece.

Co-op with:
Song: Modulation with SC (Selector Catalog) (USA)
Song: Tikondik with Chip Champion (USA)

I would like to thanks people at IRC #botb #modshirne and #hexawe. Special thanks to JSR for keep updating Famitracker ( and made it better every day!.
Also Thank you to the people who help me to get the PowerPak. … your-help/

With the songs you will get the NSF files and the first Killer Beats and some EXTRA tracks. Enjoy big_smile


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Psydney, Australia

Checking it out, some f0nky stuff in there!


"This album is not meant to be glamorous or a masterpiece" is selling yourself short! Was expecting some bad NES loops after your description but this release shows you have some proper tracking skills and an affinity for groove. I sent it to my friend in Caracas, so yeah new fans all around.

Massachusetts, USA

Yeaaaah, "Fat Slide" is funky! "Trooper" is also very cool. Nice stuff, ui!


ui is my hero

Tampere, Finland

catchy as heck. need to give this a proper listen later

Joliette, QC, Canada

YESS !!! smile


@ilkke, thx!... we should collab sometime in future big_smile... i mean in music.... and why not in pixels? :PP
@Steves, woah!, do you have friends in venezuela?... glad to hear that you like it!... thx for share it
@sammulligan, big_smile... shake your head
@Chip ChampiƱon... lol... thx for collabing with me man big_smile i really dig our track
@Warlord, thank you, tell your friends about! jajajaj...
@XyNo, no cover this time! sad((... but still "killer", jajaja...