Tototek still has EMS carts too: … io1hq0u010

Been using insidegadgets carts for long time, super cheap. But you need to buy separate flasher. Makes sense if you need multiple carts.


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Having 2 EMS 64usb carts for sale.
40€ each including postage to eu.

Br, Rebb


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Looking for Drag n derp cart, if you have one for sale send me a message!


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sent PM

Will PM you!


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Nice machine for Houston Tracker, has USB port for data transfer (no need for adapters).
Comes with 2.5->3.5mm audio adapter.
Postage to EU area included.

Asking 40€ (was 50€)

Apeshit, sent you an pm.

Or you can split the lsdj sync to work with multiple game boys. Can be done with modified DMG-07 adapter or make yourself one of these: … 3-adapter-

Joey-Joebags works just fine, as will work any other reader/flasher (Altane/Inside Gadgets are the rivals you can buy at the moment?).

That said, there is also third party program for ems 64 cart which comes with signed driver for Windows.

If you ever used Arduino clone with CH340 then you probably installed it earlier on. Had it installed on my previous machine, but since i upgraded laptop and use latest OSX don't want to push my luck with replacing kext on non supported os big_smile
It will block your keyboard and mousepad on macbook if it goes wrong, as they are usb devices too. … s-x-driver

Just got myself inside gadgets flasher, seems to support 32k catskull cart. As does Joey, as i wrote support for it with help from bennvenn big_smile
Inside gadgets flasher should work on OSX and Linux too, but seems that GUI is only done for Windows.
To make the serial chip they've chosen to work on OSX, you need to replace USB kext for another one. Something i'm not willing to do on my work machine.

It's been on my to-do list for quite a long time now. So it's coming, but cannot say when.

Made PCB files public: … 3-adapter-

More spring cleaning. Unfortunately these only tested once and put on shelve, so time to pass these on.

Teensyboy Pro Quickstart Bundle comes with mGB on 32k cart and link cable with double headers.
40€ shipped in EU area

GBA midi synth comes with link cable
40€ shipped in EU area

Paypal preferred.