Number of songs required : 3
Rough length of songs : 2 Minutes
Deadline : November, 15, 2015
Style or Genre required : Smoothing/ Electronic/ MIDI /Rock/ Glitch/ loop-able
Compensation : Payment will be involve, let's further discuss in email. 
Contact information : [email protected] (Please send two or three pieces of your work)

Hello there, I'm looking to hire a composer for a game that me and a friend has started on a site that is only filled with user made games. For our game we get about 100 players per day. We however, do not get paid what so ever. But we felt it would be really nice to have some original music in the game for all to hear. This would also be the first game on that website to have it's own original music. The type of music we're looking for is it to be a loop-able medley that would be the main theme of the game. This medley can then be transform into a more suitable genre for battling, and to pump players up. But still following that same medley.  The game itself is a 3-D fighting game. Players must select a character and use it to battle a boss, which then becomes a playable character. But all characters have unique traits and follow many genres. Credit would be given of course! It would be in the description and hopefully bring attention towards your work.

If you have any questions feel free to post on this topic or send me a email. Thanks for reading!



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Rad stickers my man. I'll be ordering soon.

UPDATE!!!:Due to the volume of submissions, Auditions will be open until September 10, 6 pm CDT.
UPDATE:  monetary compensation will not be provided (sorry)

Ninten Kwon Do wrote:

Just letting you guys know, just got this back in an email from the developer:

"I forgot to include in the help ad is that I do not have the funds to provide monetary compensation. The most I could do is exchange with art (this, too, could only happen once the game is finished so that I do not get overloaded with work). I understand that this may disinterest you (reasonably so), and so there is no pressure to revoke your initial audition. Just email me that you would not like to participate any more. I make no money off of this game."

tldr: Dire Hit was kinda right.

Sorry about this, I will make sure to inform all the "Ads" I posted about this.
Once again sorry for the misunderstandings. I had no intention to make trick anyone or put their hopes down.

Hello and thanks for clicking this thread! Well, let's just get to the point. There is this really talented game developer and artist who is making a game by the names of "CandyBallad" It's about two lesbian girlfriends who have to pay a candy debt and it's sort of Halloween themed. Auditions last til September 15 and she would like you to email a few pieces of your previous work. Here below is a few stuff you would need to know about.

Number of songs required : Talk to her in detail about this. But one or two are okay.
Rough length of songs : Possibly 4 minutes or shorter. Loop is acceptable.
Deadline : September 15
Style or Genre required :  lighthearted, spookyish (?)
Compensation : Talk to her in detail about this (2)
Contact information : [email protected] (Her email) (Tumblr) 

Game’s release date can be short notice (October 25)

And if you have any questions, please email her at [email protected]
I am not this said Dev, but instead a fan of hers.

Thank you
-Rainbowoni / :3

Well, hello gals and guys. Pardon me if I intrudee..
I don't really believe stuff really disappear. Actually I don't believe the disappearing really exist.. even in the terms of science, something vanishing from existence just doesn't exist. Rather that is scrubbing dirt from a wall to light being sucked into a black hole.. But in this case, chiptune from humanity. If you really think about stuff just don't vanish, it's always leaving something behind or growing into something more. it usually always does a little of both.. Anyway, chiptune exactly be the same as both you and I know it as today... But into something much bigger or be a part of something big. Chiptune music might inspire a certain person in our world to use certain elements and tunes to make their own music which would become popular and well known around the world. Or perhaps maybe not enough people got the a good taste of chiptune, but once they do it may blossom into something more then we expected. Have you every heard the butterfly effect? Basically it goes one event triggers a whole another series events both big and small. That's basically what chiptune is doing now. It's going to evolve along side humans. And hey not convince yet? Well think of it like this, rap started small just like chiptune did. It started in Britain believe it or not. It had a pretty small community of it's own. I think jazz was big back then, and I'm sure they didn't expect it to be as big as it is now today. This world we share together is very unexpected and anything could happen, even to the smallest of things, or so we see it as. Chiptune has some serious rad relationships to humanity and it isn't leaving anytime soon. Maybe go caterpillar to butterfly on us but not leaving..

Sorry this post looks like a total mess. 
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