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These are Sonic 1 inspired Sega Genesis tunes I made in the past week or so, wondered if anyone here would be interested in that? https://soundcloud.com/solomonster3/set … 1-practice

Sorry for the late reply; thank you so much!! Tried AudioOverload and it's perfect for my needs, thank you again!

Hi, I'm looking for an SPC player with channel isolation/WAV export, kinda like VirtualNSF. Does anyone know of any? Thanks in advance.

YO carcass is where it's at; thanks for the recommendations.

kfaraday - I REALLY SHOULD HAVE STUDIED THAT BEFORE MAKING THIS thank you those are good questions to ask

SketchMan3 and RatShack these are good suggestions, thank you. Could either of you give example songs with the kinda things you're talking about?

http://chipmusic.org/solomonster/music/ … e-haymaker
An S.S.H inspired track I made; I'm pretty pleased with the counter/support lines, but I think the structure leaves some coherence to be desired and most of the transitions are pretty jarring/ungraceful. If anyone has some words about this, I'm very interested in them.