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unexpectedbowtie wrote:

The issue has always been about Josh's lack of communication and concern for the fact that he sold something and didn't follow up for months when it didn't turn up. Like I said, I'll post when it arrives fine. As far as I'm concerned, that will be the matter closed.

He did though, he sent you 2 DMs (as pictured by the screenshots he posted) over facebook with the tracking number. He's been communicative as possible given the circumstances he's been in as of late, and it's not his fault if he did really send them and facebook just never patched it through to you.

Also posting tracking info can reveal sensative data for both the seller and buyer, probably why he never shared it publicly.

I dunno, just seeing that along with this weird discrepency between a mobile screenshot of dms with desktop cropped screenshots, and then an attempt to recoup losses on pins based off of the design of a product you purchased seems kinda suspicous to me... especially with less than 10% of the funds going to charity (50p out of 6GBP)


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Hey Stephen,

I saw the update to this thread a few days ago and I was kinda shocked, but earlier in the week I found this seller.

Thought it was pretty funny that this item that bears a striking resemblance to the GB (which I have seen in person multiple times) which was posted on the same day you started complaining about the lost GB
https://tictail.com/s/pinnedandfabulous … oy-6111412

Also pretty funny how the contact email for the same seller includes your first/middle initials and last name. Plus it's located in the same city as you.

Oh and I forgot to mention the Instagram of the seller reposted some posts from your personal Instagram
https://www.instagram.com/p/BUB-mJml87E … ndfabulous

It seems to be doing really well though, I will tell you that!
https://www.instagram.com/p/BVC9TZhhlEN … ndfabulous
https://www.instagram.com/p/BVHSelJFE1L … ndfabulous
https://www.instagram.com/p/BVHeuucFAxi … ndfabulous
https://www.instagram.com/p/BVHxphmF3cB … ndfabulous

I think it's also worth noting that the mockup for the design was posted the day that he started complaining about the first one being lost in the mail.

In case the store suddenly runs into a 404, the ig posts get deleted, or their information gets changed, I've taken the liberty of taking some screenshots.

You're claiming that a scam was made by a well-renowned modder who has been around for over 6 years in the scene, and you could've easily used inspect element (or even just deleted the messeges) on the messenger website (which we can't tell if it is thanks to conveniently cropped screenshots of what appears to be a laptop or desktop computer size window). Also considering that if it was a scam (which I highly doubt), he would've easily lost money just because of parts alone.

As for Facebook payments, it's entirely possible that Facebook payments could've been made with accounts registered in the US, or (more likely) Facebook did a small rollout to test the functionality, something that they're known for. You also explicitly say "Ah cos I'm in the UK probably," so you had some knowledge that you couldn't do this.

In regards to Arnie, not entirely sure/don't know too much of the details, but knowing (and commissioning) Josh in the past, he *will* get a job done, even if it takes a while. He's not the kind of dude to do that from what I've gathered talking to him.

I mean hell if we're really gonna start shit based around delays I've dealt with plenty of delays from established modders (even for just repairs) which some have lasted over a year. So as much as I hate to be that guy, I've been through worse.

I would like to propose, to finally clear this all up, to be PM'd the tracking so that a 3rd party can verify it was indeed shipped. I will post screenshots that dont reveal personal info. Something is *clearly* sus on the buyer side of things, and I'm surprised nobody else is seeing this.

herr_prof wrote:

Dirty pins, and sub bass making your cart wiggle in the slot? Clean the cart and the gameboy and see if that helps

DId some further testing, cleaned it up. I think the board may be busted. It started being unresponsive period.

Hi everyone!

I've been playing a lot of shows recently, but when I play them, one of my gameboys inevitably crashes (the same one every time). I thought it might've been an issue with my programming with LSDj, but if that were the case, it wouldn't run well period when listening through headphones. I thought it might've been a cart issue, but I've tried multiple carts and nothing seems to help.

This ONLY happens when I play live on a PA through a mixer.

The only remaining thing that I can think of is a faulty board or something to do with the audio jack receiving signal that crashes the system? Either way, I want to get to the bottom of this. It doesn't matter what mixer I use or what cables. If it helps, it worked fine during my 8Static Fest set, but crashed during my MAGFest set and all that I've done since, so it did work great before. I'd just hate to be stuck with a malfunctioning system. I have spare boards but I'd like to salvage this one before I frankenstien anything.



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marcb0t wrote:

Very nice. Haven't I heard your song "Chill" before? Did you enter it into a Famicomp contest one time?

It still sounds good, just curious. tongue

Yup! I submitted it a while back (2015 I think?)


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Saskrotch wrote:

omg i grabbed this the other day and just thought it was another GB release

Haha, I've been trying to branch out. Been feeling creatively trapped in LSDj for a while tongue


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Hey everyone!

So my sister release to Voyager is finally out!

All tracks were made in 0cc Famitracker, 100% 2A03, no expansion chips.

Take a look here!

CC is much appreciated, and very welcomed, as I haven't touched Famitracker in at least 3 years before writing these tracks.

Hope you enjoy!~ heart

(Artwork by Punimelt)


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sooooooooo goooooooooood


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1. The tracks have an ok mix, they're a tad muddy, and some denoising for the mix would help. I don't know if it's an issue with your recording software or what you use to record, but it's very low quality, and there's some weird low end that pops out that drowns the mix with too many clicks (in track 1). I would refrain from using too many O or K commands unless you're masking them with percussion or something that requires punch, they can really overpower stuff if you don't EQ properly.

2. Honestly, I dig the melodies a lot even if they're "cheesy." I'd be lying if I said they weren't a bit catchy. Though 8 minute songs are a bit offputting, and it does get a tad repetitive. There are a few accidentals you have to watch out for, as they sound a tad out of place and bring you out of the mood when you hear a bad note.

3. Instrumentation needs work. Leads and arps are pretty good, though they could use some more PWM. Samples are done tastefully.

Overall, keep up the good work.

My major gripes with this arrangement have to do with instrumentation. It's fairly slim with little to no variation. Maybe try some more subtle PWM with your pulses and maybe some pitch slides going. DETUNE YOUR LEADS! If you detune instruments just slightly, you won't have that awkward phasing between leads and chords. Levels of the track are very off in the sense of the mix. Some chords are louder than others. For pulse instruments, I would recommend you try to keep it under A for leads, and 7 for chords to prevent them from drowning out the low end or the drums. Otherwise, the cover is pretty spot on in terms of its composition.

Hope this helps!

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Starshine wrote:
Psynaptik wrote:

Have you checked out BennVenn's stuff?

Haven't used it yet, but looks good. Supply can be a bit patchy (I think it's a hobby operation). But it still might be helpful if no DnD carts are


Not to rag on Benn by any means, but I find the save batteries in his carts die a lot faster than they should. I had one lose its save back in May, and another just lost everything last night. If you have a reliable way to back up your data though, I'd recommend his carts! I never had any corruption issues while the batteries were working.

I did snag two just the other day (1.6 w/ SD) so I'll be able to backup easier. Plus I'm ordering a bunch of the replacement batteries just in case. They have a 2-3 year lifespan to my knowledge, and I don't use them too often other than just playing shows and writting on the go. So it's a good temporary option rather than having to deal with the EMS carts.


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Hey everyone!

So it's been a while since I've really made a CC post, but I want to get an opinion on one of my tracks from my new album.

I tried to get more technical with my music as of late, and I want to know if it holds up both in that department and compositionally.


Any CC is appreciated.


urbster1 wrote:

sieken is now known as kouhai https://soundcloud.com/kouhai


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Hey all!

So earlier this week, my carts started to get fucky, and one of my EMS died with the rest getting corrupted out of nowhere. I temp fixed it, but during my MAGFest set, 1 cart bit the dust.

I was wondering if anyone is looking to sell their DND cart(s)? I'm looking to buy 2.



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