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thank you guys very much!!


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Chip-shoegaze / dreampop band i started.

hope you guys like it.

With the ever extending deadline, I might make two songs for this.
Ones already done.

I like bandcamp. Though it's not really interactive. It's just for listening to music, and buying/downloading that music.


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octavialsilver wrote:
Subway Sonicbeat wrote:



also downloaded.


also downloaded.

Trumpet for 4 years - Lessons and band class
Trombone for 1 months - For what I thought I was using for RPM (ended up not using it)
Keyboard/Piano for 3 years - Self taught
Guitar for 5 years - Self taught, with less than a month of classical lessons.
Drums (for how ever long I've had them, 3 years?) - Self taught
Bass - Self taught from guitar.

arlen wrote:

I basically taught myself everything I know through trial and error.

After 1 year of piano and 2 years of guitar, I started making electronic music (two years ago).
A couple months after I got nanoloop, then a year later LSDJ. etc.

Now I experiment with all types of music.

Cool! I can do minimal/deep house. big_smile
I'm in. smile


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okay. i'll start working on it tomorrow.
slap me on that list wink


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Does it have to be true chip, or can we take chip samples and filter them?
I do that with Renoise.

Chip-House fag here.

Download .mp3 / OGG / FLAC / ALAC etc
| http://pompei.bandcamp.com/album/when-darkness-falls |

Download .nsfs (only for famitracker songs).
| http://www.mediafire.com/?ovynkzh2zjz |

| My 2010 RPM Challenge. |

| Not my original plan for RPM, since I had to start over halfway through, but I still managed to get this out. smile I personally think it's my best album yet. There's also a little story in the album info to go along with each song/chapter. |

| I HIGHLY recommend reading the story along with the songs, it makes it a lot better. I'm not going to tell you what the story is about, you'll just have to  download and listen to/read it. |

||| I finished 4 days early because I've run out of ideas. |||


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I'm done & waiting 'til the 28th to release.


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Russolo wrote:

Thats a really great song, did your friend Kyla like it?

Yeah, she liked it way back when (2008).
though we don't talk anymore, so she didn't care for this new version
i still enjoy the song, glad you did too.

tacticalbread wrote:

wow, I seriously fucking love this song.

great work man.

The art is really nice too.

yeah, the art and girl inspired the song. smile

A single.
It's a soft electronic song with different chip aspects (the kick, chords, LP filter  background noises).
http://pompei.bandcamp.com/album/darkne … t-by-light


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<raises hand>

Already submitted 2 entries. 3 more to go!