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I didn't see that, thank you for the link


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wanting to buy a OLD mini kaoss pad, ebay/amazon are only showing the new one but I'd like the older one....
if you got one laying around that you don't use hit me up because I will definitely buy it. also anyone with the newer one I have a question,
do they have the "glitch" effect (think its in the 70s in the selection in the older one) because that and phase are the main reason I want it.

also looking for Nanoloop 1.x in the case, I don't really dig the new PBC ones.
thank you in advance


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we need some SBSM in the states wink


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MaxDolensky wrote:

I ended up grabbing this. smile

you want it? or u talking about the one I traded? I really miss that one haha, seems like the all black ones have 0 hum in the audio


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this is my live set up for my new project/this year, excluding my NES Toaster I used glitch NES on & my RhythmScope

live/recording rig of 2016:
DMG running nanoloop / GP2X running LGPT & a GameBoyMicro hooked to a PISSBOX (from Kitsch-bent) for external pro-sound & running nanoloop all hooked up to a Alesis Multi Mix 4 usb FX mixer!!


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if you don't have anyone doing the cover art I could do it, just message me


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submitted my track wink