We can not let them go without a final " we love all the noise you brought".

Anyone would be into writing something fast and noisey and make a farewall compo?

I need to take it outta my chest. I need to tell the world how nice Datathrash was.

So, if theres enough people with me, lets do it.

If this thread dies... well, I tried.


-Deadline is december 31st. NO FUCKING DELAYS.
-Songs must be in the spirit or homaging Datathrash's legacy, style and ethics. Of course.
-All songs sent to superbustysamuraimonkey at g mail . com in a lossless format ( wav, flac, etc). Use wetransfer or whatever. Leave room for mastering. Send AWESOME stuff.


-Mastering: I can do it, but im not an expert. If someone is willing to do it and is certainly good, you're more than welcome.
-Cover: Im SO tempted to do it since im a selfish douche, but if someone wants to do one as well, we can share space.
-Title. I dont really care about this as much as PAYING MY DUE to Datathrash. I really like words like requiem an elegy, but lets discuss it.
-SPREAD THE WORD. Put this thread on boards, Facebook groups and shit. The more artists the better quality we'll get.

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Yes. Im in ;(

I'm down

Does "elegy" or something int hose lines sound cool for the title?

Count me in.

Edit: Depending on the deadline.

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It should be called christthrash and release date should be 25.12.

Maybe I'll try and write something that sounds like thrash

I'm up for it

I'd love to contribute. I have a song in mind, but I hope it's fast and trashy.

I'm in ! Totally need to shit out something hard !

Put a deadline and I'll see if I can come with something to share. Usually I don't do chiptrash/hardcore but Datathrash had really heavy releases and liked the quality of those releases.

I'd say 31st december. Too soon?

SuperBustySamuraiMonkey wrote:

I'd say 31st december. Too soon?

The 31st feels like a good date.

I'm in if it's fast and noisy.