Hello, everyone smile
And hello to duckie who asked about VRC6 support. Now it is here finally!

I'm happy with platform support. Most important (IMHO) sound extensions are supported - FME-7 & VRC6. Now it is time to work on usability. I'm open for suggestions by the way.

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Hello, it's me again.
I just released new version of NEStudio. What's new:
- FME-7 sound support
- DMC notes support
- Gimmick track 18 (intro music) recreated as a project
- Muting channels works flawless (finally!)



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It is better to have two options instead of just one. So I hope trackers will live forever. And they probably will.

This time I recreated first track of alien 3 with my program! Oh my god, it wasn't easy at all...
I need to stop having fun recreating tracks and start working on functionality.

Dark_Bit_ wrote:

It's getting better and better!

Yes it is smile

Hello smile
I just uploaded new version of NEStudio:

TL;DW (too long; didn't watch):
1. I fixed few bugs
2. I improved usability
3. I recreated another 4 tracks!

More cool stuff to come wink

duckie wrote:

This is brilliant. Thank you for your hard work.

Thanks! I'm happy reading replies like this.

duckie wrote:

Do you ever plan on adding in VRC6 capabilities?

Yes I do. I have plans to add support of additional chips and VRC6 is first candidate to be added. I already have some initial support code in program core. I beleive I can make it, just give me some time smile

Hey! It's me again.
I just published new version of NEStudio:

I managed to add support of automatic echo for new set of instruments! Isn't it cool?
I hope you will like it smile

Hello again smile
Another update is ready. I hope you will like it!


Dark_Bit_ wrote:

I really love what you are doing here! Especially adding new instruments. Such a nice way for people to get into producing chiptune without having to deal with trackers and programming your own instruments (half the fun for me, but I would've loved such a program back in the day).
Keep up the good work!

Thank you, Dark_Bit_! I'm happy to see positive feedback. It motivates me.

Hello everyone!
My program just updated:

Nothing big this time. I was very busy doing really huge code refactoring most of the time (coding in rush is bad!). But at least new project is available!
I hope to make more important changes next time!

I didn't show it in my video. D'oh! I need to be more careful next time.

WAV export is supported. But is It is very basic now. I will improve it. MP3 export is also planned.

Nevermind smile Ask any question you want. I like explaining it.

Sorry I confused you again smile
User doesn't input NSF. User just creates new project in my program. This is that simple. Then user uses any set of instruments available in the library. I will add many instruments from different NES games soundtracks in later versions.

I expected my explanation to be confusing smile
So let me explain.
1) Deconstruction of soundtracks, not games
2) This is what I do, not user. I inspect and analyze nsf files for code and sound patterns. After that, I create and put into the library of the program ready-to-use analysis-based instruments (each of them is a C++ class actually). So program is supposed to be user friendly and easy to use at least in this aspect. The user does not need to analyze anything.
3) I also splitting the tunes from the nsf files into segments (patterns).

At this point user only can use existing instruments from the library available in the program. And library is very limited in current version. Most likely I will add ability to use custom instruments in later versions.