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Dope, I might get started messing around with this later this evening! If I can get anything interesting out of it, I'll come back and post for sure. If I don't get anything interesting, I'll try again wink


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Cooshinator wrote:

Only vaguely related but how come every single time we have some nelly coming in here asking questions someone feels the need to update the banner blurb to make fun of him

I honestly don't mind. It's kind of funny, and at least some kind of genuine discussion seemed to have come out of this thread.


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marcb0t wrote:

Let me explain.

Thank you so much! This seriously clarifies everything a lot. I've even had OpenMPT collecting dust on my desktop for the past year or so, though I never researched it too thoroughly or knew anything about its history. Ha, I should probably get started on reading the documentation and experimenting with it; it really looks like a lot of fun!

VCMG wrote:

FLOOR BABA aka sleepytimejesse calls it gamewave but honestly just call it whatever feels most correct.

I personally use 'post-chip' if I really want to emphasize the chip connections and history but it's all just "soundcloud electronic music" if you remove the historical context

Awesome, thanks! I recognize FLOOR BABA's name from STAFFcirc, but I've never heard of GAMEWAVE. Definitely agree with the "soundcloud electronic music" remark. It often seems that these different styles are blended, and its harder to distinguish one label from another, anyways.

theythem wrote:

Maxo and Nelward have a command over harmony that a lot of other chiptune people like haven't learned enough to be able to do (including me)

I know, right!? I figure the most important thing with them is building harmonies from an already-established melody. I'm in school for audio engineering right now, so I'm taking a lot of related music theory classes, and even with everything I get from that Maxo and nelward still confound me.


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sandneil wrote:

it clearly isn't the same thing at all but the people involved have been operating in the same circles as chiptuners for so long that it might as well be

hombres b4 genres eh

Awesome! That's what I suspected, but I'm pretty new around here, so I wasn't sure.


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So lately I've been coming across a lot of music that isn't quite chiptune, but has very similar textural roots. Rather than using the sound pallete of 80s games, it utilizes sampling and soundfonts for a SNES/N64 sound:

bo en





I've mostly found it around Ubiktune's folks, as well as those crossbreed chiptune/PC Music artists around Soundcloud (Maxo, bo en, Spazzkid, KKB, etc). I think it's all pretty great stuff, and I'd like to explore this kind of music more myself. But whenever I try introducing friends to these jams, I find myself hesitant to refer to it as chiptune, provided it is very distinct from LSDJ/Famitracker/Nanoloop music.

All of the artists I listed except bo en have at least dabbled in chiptune, and now they're doing stuff like this. I'd like to call it VGM, though none of these songs were composed for actual games (much like chiptune itself). I think there are a lot of similarities and connections between chip and whatever this is, and I don't see talked about much.

What do you guys think? Can this music qualify as chiptune? Is it just "VGM," or is it something altogether different ("post-chip"?)? Would you guys be against somebody posting this music on CMO?



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DeerPresident wrote:

Haruki Murakami's 'Kafka on the Shore' and 'A Wild Sheep Chase', for sci-fi, Phillip K Dick and HG Wells

I definitely second these recs^

As well as:

Haruki Murakami - Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World
David Wong - John Dies at the End
Kim Stanley Robinson - Red Mars
Terry Pratchett - Mort
Philip K. Dick - A Scanner Darkly
Kurt Vonnegut - Slaughterhouse Five
Ray Bradbbury - Something Wicked This Way Comes

There are also a lot of great short stories by Bradbury, Vonnegut, Isaac Asimov, and Dick that you can check out.

› Bonus


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Sounds great, man! Plenty of funky vibes and sharp sound design. I'll definitely be bumpin to this for the rest of the summer big_smile

acedio wrote:

Does any of YMCK's stuff fit the bill? e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4es7Pr1xKI

I certainly think so. I think Rain really fits this "happy-melancholy" theme the best out of YMCK's catalogue. Cooshinator's post of that Marty Friedman video probably explained the entire idea of this thread the best; the largest distinguishing quality of Japanese music is that the chord progressions typically go more places than the typical Western [ I - VI - IV - V ]

Haha, by now everything ITT = sharing cool Japanese music
I dig it big_smile

( Oh, and a bonus: Houston from Katamari & Pokemon R/S/E credits music. )

Delek wrote:

YMO!!!, that band have many many tracks with this soul!!

The thing is, there is no name for this kind of music? This can't be.

Ever listen to Shibuya-kei, Delek?

› Some classics / gems:

I think some of that  might fit your description / what you're looking for.


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JaffaCakeMexica wrote:

Interesting sound. Good job getting guitar to mesh nicely with chip sounds like that. Nice composition

The guitar is nice and subtle. Tasteful; not overbearing in the slightest.

Nice one, MrWimmer. Sounding mad smooth.


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herr_prof wrote:

Guys they are never going to write another fast turtle.

frank angotti is dead wrote:


Jansaw wrote:

Anyone else think they're going the way of PC music? Not disappointed, A. G. Cook is a boss.

They've definitely been adopting a more PC Music-oriented sound ever since Pop It. I find it interesting that despite having by now completely evolved away from chiptune, Anamanaguchi still seem to get a good deal of attention in the chip community.

A mighty rad group of guys with some mighty rad tunes, nonetheless.


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( edit: double-post, my bad )


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What do you guys think about the speculation that this is just one huge B-Sides dump?  Do you think any of these tracks are actually from [USA], or are they all just rejectees?


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Usually piano or old/cheap synths inspire me to write. The responsiveness of the piano and customization of synth sounds help me write naturally.

As far as new instruments, I got an accordion recently! Thing's way harder to learn than it seems. The bass system isn't that difficult to understand, albeit it's really hard to adapt to and use fluidly.

Drums, too. I've been dissasembling my kit, poorly modifying the my sticks, and rearranging everything to force myself into different creative modes for composition. So using old gear in new ways also helps, I s'pose.


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The One Electronic wrote:

TXChip is organizing an event, I'll be there to play. A date's been set but I can't really speak about specifics. smile

Radness! I'll keep an eye out for details and if it falls within the time I'm in the area I'll swing by.


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HimsyPimsy wrote:
cyancoloneels wrote:

Man, it seems Square by Squarewave isn't happening this year hmm

It's happening, they're organizing it right now.

Splendid! Thanks, man! Anywhere I could go for more info?