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VCMG wrote:

How many phrases is chain 00 and your accompaniment? If 00 has the same amount of phrases as your accompaniment 8 times, it might be easier to just split that solo up into 8 equal-length parts in 8 different chains, i.e. make chains 00-08 and have each one hold the same number of phrases as 20.

I was avoiding that because i wanted to save space on the song screen. Makes it faster to cycle through the song.

VCMG wrote:

If you don't care about having all your chains line up exactly during playback you can just get rid of the FE chains altogether as well and everything will work, since LSDJ handles each channel's playback independently of the others.

I thought about that, but it would be waaay harder to follow, especially when you have many different length chains. Playback of other instruments would be off-screen.

SketchMan3 wrote:

If you want your stuff to line up, copy whatever is in 20, 40  and 60 to make them the same length as chain 00, so you just have one really long 01 20 40 60 on the first row of the song screen instead of a ton of 20 40 60s and one really long 01.

That what i was doing until now. The problem is that i'm running out of chains (in this song i combine the phrases in many different ways) and in this way i have to use two chains for the same musical ideal. I would have to use, for example: 20, 40 and 60 to a single bar idea and 21, 41 and 61 to the same idea repeated 8 times.

I've tried creating empty chains, but then they never play and playback stays on 00.


I want to know if i can create empty chains that will jump to the next non-empty chain. I wanted to do so because i would like to write chains of different length. Say i have the following

PU2, WAV and NOI are just accompaniment chains.
PU1 contains a solo on chain 00 that is long and lasts 8x times the accompaniment.
So i've created the 7E chain that contains a single phrase with a single hop

What i was expecting to happen:
LSDJ plays 00 on PU1. Then it plays 8 chains of accompaniment and when 00 finishes, it reaches 7E, wich would all be skipped and jumo after 00 immediately to 01.

What actually happens:
LSDJ jumps to song position 04 (skipping only two chains of 7E). Then jumps to 07 (agains skipping only 2 chains of 7E).

Does anybody know it this is "normal" behavior or some bug? Can i actually do this another way?

Thank you for your attention!

I've managed to sync two BGB instances and it works, but really slow, to the point it becomes unusable sad
That happens for you too?