Nice work!  Looks great!

Being new to LSDJ, I was wanting some ideas on how to use the noise channel.  I feel pretty limited.  I have used it to make a simple beat, or a simple percussive layer. How do you use it?

I'm thinking about doing an internal ps2 socket on my DMG.  Anyone have details on doing this?

I was just wondering about this same thing (different emulator though).  I'll give it a try.

(SOLD)Arturia Player 25 (25 key MIDI controller keyboard and analog synth VSTi)

(SOLD)Gameboy Pocket MGB-001 clear - with green backlight

I'm selling to fund my gameboy addiction. wink

I also have the Arturia Player 25 midi controller keyboard, I would possibly sell or trade for a backlit DMG.

I've bought two DMGs recently, and I must have a backlight, the process of backlighting the 1st one, I came up with horizontal lines.  The second one....cracked the screen!  I need another with a decent screen to attempt it one more time, or if you have one already backlit for a reasonable price, I'd enjoy that too.  Even just the top circuit board is fine.  That's all I really need, as long as the screen is still good.  I'm in the US.


diy 3mm leds

I ordered some other small button/case leds from handheld legend, so maybe those will do better.

No resistor

I have transparent blue buttons on my dmg.  I want to light them up.  I put 4 white leds in series (2 on  the d-pad, one on each A + B).  It was super dim, so I split the LEDs onto 2 separate circuits.  Not as dim but nowhere near bright enough.  Who had done this with success, and what am I doing wrong?


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I figured there was more to it, thanks


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Great stuff!

Love it!  The title track is the icing on the cake