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Hi guys, just thought I'd put my ep here that I released last year. Hope some of you enjoy.



Hey all I released an EP recently using Sunvox. Here it is if anyone wants to check it out.

Hi all! I have been writing 8-bit music for a while firstly using Milkytracker but recently moved over to Sunvox.

Been working on a little EP and I finally released it yesterday so I thought I'd drop a link here. Hope some of you enjoy.


Thanks dude! Appreciate all the help. I think I will try out Sunvox for my next track. Redoing stuff and editing in Milkytracker is more of a mission than it should be haha! I have read through the MT manual and worked with most of the commands but the literal application of what some of the instructions do is whats stumping me...but I'm getting there... if you reckon sunvox is better then I reckon I'll move to that! And again thanks for all the helpful feedback!

I see changing the pulse width legnth changes the pitch of the notes. I'm gonna leave that experiment for the next piece as its gonna be too hard to rewrite all the melody notes. I'm trying to add a few more slides and tremelo to the melodies I have no but I dont really notice the tremello. Is it quite subtle ? I'm using 406, 400, 406, 460 etc...those kind of commands. Is that right? Fianlly in terms of ticks, if I use EC4 then that is till the next (tick/beat?) I've been using ec1 or 2 to cut notes and I keep noticing a break in the melodies...

The arp functions are just semitone steps as far as I can tell right? That's what I have been assuming up to now

EDIT: I see now you said that tongue I'm fine of the music theory side, I lecture music theory at a University so it's more the MT commands I'm trying to learn!

JaffaCake thanks so much! I just saw your post and gonna read through it properly now! Some really nice tips there so thank you!

You reckon Sunvox is better though? I found when mixing down from Mt and then exporting to Ableton I found after a minute or so the parts would go out of time..but you say that shouldn't happen. Should I be bouncing it down differently?

I still need to read through your post properly which I will do now... probably more questions to come tongue

Aha i remember the vibrato setting now in Inst Editor...

Ok cool. Thanks for the input, I'm pretty much using mosly sine wavs...is that the undynamic sound you are reffering too? I'm still a bit of a noob with Milky Tracker so how would I go about editting pulse-widths and envelopes. I use quite a few arp commands (037 057 etc) to get some of the cool glitchy sounds. Is that the kind of arp you are referring too? When you say embellishments you mean in the individuals lines of melody or embellishments on repeats of sections? I start messing around a bit with slides at the end buy I don't use much vibrato. I'll try that now! Thanks!

After some testing on  other monitors I remixed a bit. I'll remove the previous link...here is the most recent one: https://www.dropbox.com/s/19mbshhfhy7mw … y.wav?dl=0


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Ah ok. Thanks for the feedback. I'm guessing I'll have to use a new email address to change my name then haha... maybe I'll get used to Bacon Rage(eelr) tongue and if not will use one of my band emails. Thanks!

I forgot to mention I used Milktytracker to make this and headphone are recommended for the bass. The bass response is fine on some Rockit monitors but not off built in pc speakers tongue The IMac I'm using at work you can't hear the bass on at all....

Hi all. This is my first track posted here. It's a work in progress called Dichotomy and it experiments with major and minor tonalities as well as some quick changing sections and chromaticism.

Not quite completed yet but i felt I would like to get some feedback from some people who are more familiar with chiptunes than me. I have made quite a few in my time but never gotten  any constructed feedback and would like to start improving myself.

Let me know if you have any thoughts.
https://www.dropbox.com/s/19mbshhfhy7mw … y.wav?dl=0

My Soundcloud is unfortunately full right now that's why a Dropbox link. I'm nervous of deleting any of my old stuff right now so don't wanna upload to SC.

Hi all. I'm new to this forum, so just thought I'd drop a message to say hi. I have been composing 8 bit music on and off for a while now as well as completed my masters in music composition recently (my topic of research was video game music).

I wanted to find a forum to start sharing some of the 8 bit tunes I have been making a get some feedback and opinions to help myself grow as a composer, especially in this style.

First question I would like to ask is if there is any way for me to edit my username/handle. While signing up I put part of the catcha in my username and now I have random letters there...any way I can fix this without re registering?

Thanks in advance and hope to chat to some of you guys on here and learn something!

Will be posting one of my recent chiptune endeavours soon for feedback!